Mastery of pen in Tretyakov Gallery

M. Vorobyov. Self-portrait with family. 1828. Gallic ink, pen on paper. 21.8 x 16.9

The new exposition of Mastery of Pen in Tretyakov Gallery continues a series of temporary exhibitions devoted to mediums and materials of drawing of the 18th – early 20th century. The Museum gives spectators a unique opportunity to trace the history of pen and ink in a context of classical Russian art.

Public have an opportunity to see not only recognized masterpieces but also graphic sheets which were not shown for a long time or were not exposed at all and more often were not known even to experts. It is a question of sketches of pictures, architectural decoration and theatrically-decorative decisions, and also of draught sketches and “the marginal notes” which can be found in travelling albums and letters of artists.


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Cristie’s could not sell Russian painters

I. Shishkin. Mast Pine Forest in Viatka Province. 1889. Oil on canvas. 78,7 И 107,3. Lot sold for £1 386 250. Russian Art. Cristie’s. London, June 11

Results of the Russian art sales at Cristie’s held in London on June 11, did not coincide with expectation of organizers. The auction fetched £11 300 000. It was supposed that the auction sales will total from £13 100 000 to £9 200 000. Only 3 top lots from 10 were sold by auction. The others 7 were not sold.

Thus, the results of the auction sales «shook» ordinary auction prices. According to collectors the prices for many objects of Russian art were overestimated. Estimates for pictures by Russian painters are in a line with famous artists-impressionists. That is why collectors prefer to buy works by the last one. Ivan Shishkin’s picture Mast Pine Forest in Viatka Province became the top lot of the auction sales in London. The work fetched £1 386 250. Works by Peter Konchalovsky were the second and the third top lots. A picture Portrait of Todzuro Kavarasaki, a Japanese Actor was sold by auction for £1 049 250. The second picture France. Parc Montsouris. Chestnut Tree was sold for lower price of £577 250. Peter Konchalovsky is one of the first Russian avant-gardists. In the period of the USSR he was awarded the National award of the USSR as the most popular artist of the country. It is an interesting fact that Konchalovsky’s talent was recognized either by the authorities or «underground» artists, both in the USSR, and abroad.


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Catalogue of Forgeries of Works of Painting

Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Mass Communication and the Protection of Cultural Heritage (Rossvyazokhrankultura) certified first experts of cultural valuables. Nowadays this people can realize commercial expert evaluation of works of art which is forbidden to be realized for museums since autumn, 2006. They have acquired the right for personal form and stamp. At the same time they will bear personal responsibility for their making decisions.


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Russian Cottage in the Woods Sold in Sweden

Alexei Savrasov. «Cottage in the Woods». Oil on canvas. 84 x 61 cm. Estimate €330,000. Sold for €1,100,000. Stockholms Auktionsverk. Stockholm. March 15

The Stockholm Auction House (Stockholms Auktionsverk), the oldest auction house in the world, held its third sale of Russian art on March 15.

Over 400 lots, worth an estimated total of 5 million Euros, were put up for sale, including paintings by Aivazovsky, Bogoliubov, Levitan, Polenov, Shishkin, and Somov. The sale also included Imperial and Soviet porcelain, silver works of art, works by Faberge, bronzes and furniture.


Soviet art rises in price

 A.Deineka. Window in the Workshop. 1947. Oil on canvas. 65.5 И 90.7 cm. Estimate $125,000–130,000. The lot was sold for $250,000. Sovkom Gallery, Moscow. June 7

The price rises for Russian art works became the result of the season 2005–2006. London «Russian Sale» realised an impressive sum on May and June. Russian buyers spent $116,000,000. It exceeded the total sum of 2005. Art of the soviet period took about 20 per cent in this sales result. Gallery owners and collectors divide soviet art into social realism, soviet impressionism, austere style, non-topical style, and non-conformism. Each movement has its own leaders. New Russian collectors know the names of artists and prices for fashionable masters. Russian collector of a new formation tries to purchase quality art works. During the May sales soviet works of art became more expensive. The prices for the works of non-conformists became twice higher.


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Russian and European painting

V. Zarubin. «Rowing to the citadel under moonlight». 1919. Oil on wood. 68.5 x 88.9. Estimate ₤7,000–10,000. The lot was sold for ₤30,000

As Western and Russian auctioneers and observers noted for many times, Russian art provides undoubted success for all the foreign auctions. On March, 29 «shark» of the auction business – house Christie’s held the sales of works by European and Russian artists.

The auction was held in London on South Kensington. European painting was represented by Polish, Italian, Dutch, Austrian, German and French painters. The final sum of the sales was ₤1,120,380.


A Shishkin’s Painting Set a New Record at a Prague auction

I. Shishkin. At the Mirror (Lady in a Salon Reading a Letter). 1870. Oil on canvas. 58,0 И 39,0 cm

Last Sunday, on April 2, a painting «At the Mirror» another title «Lady in a Salon Reading a Letter» by Ivan Shishkin was sold at an auction at the Zhofin palace in Prague. The important canvas managed to fetch 8,900,000 Czech korunas ($400,000). The starting price of the lot was CZK 7,500,000.

Organizers of the sales a Prague-based art gallery Pictura said that the Shishkin’s painting set a new record for the Czech antique auctions. However, in future the experts of the gallery intend to pay much more attention to the pre-sale advertisement as they believe that the work could have made considerably more money.


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A Painting by Ivan Shishkin Starring in a Detective Story

I. Shishkin. At the Mirror (Lady in a Salon Reading a Letter). 1870. Oil on canvas. 58,0 x 39,0 cm

Experts of the Czech National Gallery confirmed the authenticity of a canvas «At the Mirror» (another title «Lady in a Salon Reading a Letter») by a renowned Russian painter Ivan Shishkin. Art critics believe that the woman depicted in the painting is the artist’s wife.

For a long time the exceptional picture was «hidden» in the house of the Czech noble family Biscoup in Prague. Several art experts were aware of the painting’s location but preferred not to inform officials of the socialist Czechoslovakia. For instance, a Czech art critic Fiala described the uncharacteristic Shishkin’s work in his books, but always marked «location unknown» in the proper column. Fiala once promised to keep silence until the socialist regime fell, so to preserve the painting unharmed.


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Soviet Paintings in the Leonid Shishkin Gallery

A Moscow-based art gallery of Leonid Shishkin held sales dedicated to Soviet paintings and drawings on February 18. The auctioned collection comprised 97 lots with healthy 78 sold. The main subject of presented artworks was a beauty of Russian nature.

D. Khamin Spring. 1993. Oil on canvas. 30,0 x 40,0 cm. Estimate $800–900. Sold for $800. K. Vyalov. Evening. Boats. 1940s. Oil on canvas. 35,0 x 49,0 cm. Estimate $6,000–8,000. Sold for $8,000.

The majority of lots were hammered within pre-sale estimates. Among works, which brought the lower estimated price, were three paintings by V. Tchulovich (1922–1994) «Wildlands. The First Tent», «The First Rig» and «Harvest». Dating 1965, those three works were expected to fetch from $4,000 to $5,000. Three romantic landscapes «March» (1980s, $1,500–2,000), «Impassability» (1988, $800–900) and «Spring» (1993, $800–900) by D. Khamin (1936–1996) realized the lower estimates as well. Art experts consider the artist little known to wide public to be «a true Russian impressionist». Dmitry Khamin’s lightful paintings are greatly valued by European connoisseurs of art; one may see his works in several important private collections.


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Small sizes are in value

б. Solodkov. Three oaks. 1930-1940. Oil on canvas. 102.0 x 72.0 cm. Estimate $14.000-16.000. The lot was sold for $13.000

On December 17, at the closure of the Moscow Christmas antiquarian fair, gallery of Leonid Shishkin held an auction in The Central House of Artist, during which participants of the fair and the exhibiting project «Half a century of Soviet art» presented their collections.

An exhibition titled «Trip to Central Asia, 1920–1990» was warmly welcomed by the public, which secured the successful auctioning of the collection, though there was no rush about the auctioned lots, no desperate bidding.


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