Exhibits of Moscow Kremlin to be represented in London

Coronation suit of Empress Mariya Feodorovna. The Moscow Kremlin Museum

Moscow Kremlin and Victoria and Albert British Museum will organize a large exchange exhibition devoted to the history of ruling dynasties of both states as a sign of “improvement of relations” between Great Britain and Russia.

On December 10, the London museum will launch the exposition The Magnificence of the Tsars which will present more than hundred objects from the funds of a museum of Moscow Kremlin. Visitors of the exhibition will have an opportunity to see unique items of weapon, regalia, porcelain and jewelry. Among the most valuable exhibits – clothes of Tsar Peter II who died at the age of 15 years and also a coronation suit of the last Emperor of Russia Nicolas II.


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Russian weapon at the height of its fame

Saber of St. George. Russia. Zlatoust weapon factory. Circa 1905. Gilding, engraving, enamel. Lot sold for SEK 1 510 000. Probus. Auction Nr.10. Stockholm, November 10

On November 10, specialized Probus auction house held the large auction devoted to the antiquarian weapon and objects of military history in Stockholm. As a result great results were achieved: more than 95 lots were sold, many items were sold for the sum exceeding the estimate in 2 – 10 times.

Probus represented 574 lots among which were firearms and cold arms, orders, armour as well as photos and documents of different countries and epochs. Russian blades and orders were very popular.


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Military gallery of the Borodino battlefield

The monument of M.I. Kutuzov at the command post. The State Borodino Military Historical Museum Reserve

On August 29, the State Borodino Memorial Estate situated near Moscow launched the exhibition Military Gallery of the Borodino Battlefield. The exposition will take places in the Church of Beheading of St. John the Baptist at the Spaso-Borodino Monastery founded by M.M. Tuchkova, the widow of the General A.A. Tuchkov who died in 1812. The exhibition represented 73 portraits of heroes of the Borodino Battle, officers and generals of the Russian army including the glorified commanders of the Patriotic War of 1812. All the works including engravings and lithographs were made in the first half of the 19th century by such artists, as A.G. Ukhtomsky, A.A. Florov, S. Kardelli. Some part of the portraits by T. Wright and G. Dow was created under pictorial originals of the author of the Military Gallery of the Winter Palace, English portraitist George Dow. Besides, the exhibition will feature lithographs by the famous artist I.б. Klyukvin and I. Pesotskiy.


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Valuable of the Great Princess Olga Nikolaevna will be sold by auction

Patek Philippe watch . Gold, enamel. Estimate €15 000. 56th auction. Hermann Historica. Munich, October 10

Munich – October, 10 the Hermann HistoriУa auction house will put up for the sales the unique collection of the objects which more than one hundred years ago were a part of the property of the Great Princess Olga Nikolaevna Romanova, daughter of Nicolas I. Besides this collection, the auction catalogue of 452 lots includes personal things and works of art belonging to Peter III, Catherine the Great and also prominent representatives of court circles such as Prince Jusupov.


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Garofalo’s painting: everything old is new again

On August, 8, the State Hermitage opened the exhibition Garofalo’s Pictures from San Bernardino Monastery in Ferrara. Its exposition includes only four pictures − monumental works by the outstanding Italian artist of the 16th century Benvenuto Tisi da Garofalo (1481−1559).

The Marriage in Cana (1531), Allegory of the Old and New Testament (1530), Christ Carrying the Cross (St. Veronica, 1530s) and the Miracle with the Bread and Fishes (1530), created by the artist for the San Bernardino female monastery in Ferrara was purchased for the Hermitage collection in 1840. However they were not displayed for the decades. Only today the unique canvases are exhibited together.


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 The Order of Saint Catherine (Grand Cross). Saint-Petersburg. 19thC. Silver, gold, diamonds, enamel. 88,0 И 88,0. Estimate 12 480 000–15 000 000 rubles. «Cabinet». Articles of War History: Decorations, Medals, Orders of the Russian Empire. нПscow, March 1

On March 1, the «Cabinet» auction house will held the sales named «Articles of War History: Decorations, Medals, Orders of the Russian Empire» at Marriott Moscow Royal Aurora Hotel. The auction will represent articles related to the period of reigning of Catherine II, Paul I, three Alexanders, Nicolas I. Auctioneers will be offered rarities of the periods of Russian-Turkish wars, Schlusselburg seizure, Patriotic War of 1812, Eastern (Crimean) Campaign, Russian-Japanese War and other historical events during which peoples were awarded with medals, decorations and certificates of honour.


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Imperial Porcelain in the Kremlin

On October 19 the exhibition «Porcelain ware and ceramics of the Imperial Porcelain Factory from the collection of the State Hermitage Museum» was opened in the exhibition hall of the Assumption Belfry in the Kremlin.

The exposition is devoted to products of the most famous native porcelain manufacturer. It is referred to the Imperial Porcelain Factory founded in 1744 and closed after the revolution. The factory should have become the focus of the best art force, style setter and big experimental centre.


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Greetings from Kremlin

Postcard. Moscow. Sofiiskaya embankament during the flood of 1908. Moscow. 1908. Published by printing house of the Ogloblin brothers.  Cardboard, color printing

Exhibition «Greetings from Kremlin» has been launched recently in Moscow. The exhibition, opened in the One-Pillar Chamber of the Patriarch’s Palace, is organized by the Moscow Kremlin Museum in collaboration with the leading Moscow collectors of postcards. It comprises a variety of souvenir and picture postcards, cards, decorated with genre painting, and over four hundred cards, depicting the Moscow Kremlin views of the XIX–XX centuries. Each postcard is a work of art, as well as vivid illustration of the historical epoch. The display represents the ancient architectural ensemble not only as an official residence of Russian Tsars, but also as a favourite resting place of the Muscovites and guests of the city in the late XIX–early XX century.
The displayed showpieces have been lent by well-known Moscow-based collectors: A. Melitonyan, K. Rady, P. Tsukanova, Y. Mazurova and Y. Belitsky. The earliest postcard on view dates back to the late XIX century.


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Top-lots Failed to Sell at Gelos Auction of the Season

On September 30, the Moscow auction house «Gelos» held the opening auction of the season. The important sales featured applied and decorative art pieces, silverware, paintings and drawings, antiquarian weapons, Russian icons and many other rare and unique collectibles that traditionally attract attention of collectors, dealers and connoisseurs of art.

The very same day the year before the Ukrainian branch of «Gelos» held its first sales. At the September auction in Moscow, the Ukrainian branch offered bidders several interesting and important lots. The top-lot of Ukrainian selection was porcelain statuette «Katherine» (Ukraine, 1920–1930) featuring an inscription from a poem by the renowned Ukrainian poet and writer Taras Shevtchenko on the base of the figurine. Alas, the lot failed to sell at the auction.


Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts Plundered

The Ural region branch of the Federal Culture and Mass Media Supervision Agency reports that several art castings were stolen from the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts on March 17. Here is the description of the lost items.

1. Letterpress «The Mourner». (A figure of a knelt woman in a chiton embracing a funeral urn. Decorated along the perimeter with a flower ornament.) Ironworks and mechanical factory in Verkhny Iset. Cast in crude iron between 1814 and 1820 after a model of the early XIX century. 9.7 x 12.6 x 7.7 cm. Inventory No 3249. No marks.


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