Art of glorious porta

 Spiked helmet of Prince Feodor Ivanovich Mstislavsky. Turkey. 16thC. Steel,  gold, rubies, turquoise. Smithery, coinage, golden inlays, carving

On December 17, a Single-Pillar Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin will open the exhibition Art of Glorious Time. The Kremlin collection of unique works of masters of Ottoman Empire – Glorious Porta as it was named by the Europeans in the 17th century, – in its structure and origin considerably differs from collections of Turkish art of other museums of the world. The collection includes the monuments executed in 16th–17th centuries, a period of constant diplomatic and trading contacts between Russian State and Ottoman Empire. These works were bought by Turkish and Greek merchants or imported to Moscow as diplomatic gifts of Turkish sultans for Russian autocrats. For many centuries and up to date these monuments remain in the museums of the Moscow Kremlin. The exhibition represents the best items. It is the first exhibition devoted to unique Kremlin collection of Turkish art for the whole history of the museum.


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Exhibits of Moscow Kremlin to be represented in London

Coronation suit of Empress Mariya Feodorovna. The Moscow Kremlin Museum

Moscow Kremlin and Victoria and Albert British Museum will organize a large exchange exhibition devoted to the history of ruling dynasties of both states as a sign of “improvement of relations” between Great Britain and Russia.

On December 10, the London museum will launch the exposition The Magnificence of the Tsars which will present more than hundred objects from the funds of a museum of Moscow Kremlin. Visitors of the exhibition will have an opportunity to see unique items of weapon, regalia, porcelain and jewelry. Among the most valuable exhibits – clothes of Tsar Peter II who died at the age of 15 years and also a coronation suit of the last Emperor of Russia Nicolas II.


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Buchelatty. The art is out of time

A. Buchelatty. The cupola-shaped ring with opal. 2001

In the Uspenskaya bell-tower of the Moscow Kremlin there was opened the exhibition «Buchelatty. The art is out of time», devoted to creation of famous Italian skilled craftsmen of golden and silver crafts Mario Buchelatty (1891–1965) and his son Janmaria. The exposition of the exhibition reflects artistic phenomena of Milan’s jewelers, which demonstrate a high quality of manual skills and a special aesthetics of the works.

The roots of the Buchelatty’s family go back to the 18th century when Contardo Buchelatty opened his own workshop in Milan in the street of Jewelers. After the First World War a «modern» founder of the Buchelatty’s business became Mario Buchelatty, opened a shop under the name of him. One of the secrets of success of Mario Buchelatty’s enterprise was his ability to realize in laboratory all steps of making jewels. The Buchelatty’s works are unique. Every detail is thought out and made in them.


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