The pictures of Leonardo will be demonstrated for the first time in USA

L. da Vinci. The angel. The model of the first version of the painting «Madonna in the rocks». About 1483−1485. A paper, a pencil. The Royal Library, Turin

In the Birmingham museum (Alabama) there will be opened the first exhibition of the Leonardo da Vinci’s pictures from the collection of the Royal Library (Biblioteca Reale) in Turin. Here we can see one of the most famous albums of Leonardo «The code of birds’ flight» and also 11 pictures which were never exhibited out of Italy.

In the exposition there represented pictures and drawings, painted by chalk and written in coloured ink during the period from 1480 up to 1510. Many of them have notes, drawings and explanations. The unique relics give the opportunity to touch the creation of one of the greatest artists, thinkers and scientists in the history.


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Leonardo’s Codex Atlanticus to be disassembled on pages

Leonardo da Vinci. One of the pages from Atlanticus Codex. Ambroziana Library, Milan

The Alanticus Codex by Leonardo da Vinci will be disassembled on pages in the nearest future. Such decision was accepted on Tuesday according to the results of long research work in which the leading experts of the world took part.

The codex including over 1120 drawings and records devoted to a wide range of subjects was made in the end of 16th century by the Italian sculptor Pompeo Leone. He disassembled some Leonardo’s existing diaries and then placed sheets on larger 402 pages and bound them in one huge volume.


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