Granet Museum Opens Exhibition Focusing on Subtle Links Between Picasso and Cézanne

Paul Cézanne, Fruits, serviettes et boîte à lait(vers 1880) Musée National de l'Orangerie, Paris

The Picasso Cézanne exhibition focuses on the subtle links between these two giants in art: the direct influence of the force of the “father of modern art” on the young artist arriving in France in 1900, or the mature musings of the man who liked to say I live with Cézanne? Even if it is not flagrant in his work, Cézanne was much admired by Picasso and often in his thoughts: Cézanne! He was like a father to us all.

After Cézanne in Provence (2006), the Communauté du pays d’Aix, the Musée Granet and the Réunion des Musées Nationaux are again partners in the organisation of an exhibition in Provence, at the foot of Mont Sainte Victoire. A tutelary figure that Cézanne approached step-by-step throughout his lifetime, but which Picasso embraced energetically, just fifty years ago, not by painting it, but by buying some 2,500 acres on its northern slope and living in the famous castle of Vauvenargues, in the shadow of the sacred mountain. The anecdote is well known: I have bought Cézanne’s Sainte Victoire, Picasso told his art dealer Kahnweiler in 1958. Which one? asked Kahnweiler, thinking he was talking about a painting. The original, came the facetious reply.


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Aged Lawyer Convicted of Possessing Stolen Paintings

P. Cezanne. Jug and Fruit. 1888−1890. Oil on canvas

Robert Mardirosian, a lawyer from Massachussetts has been found guilty of possessing stolen paintings by Paul Cezanne by a federal jury in Boston, USA.

In 1978 seven pictures by P. Cezanne were stolen from the house of the collector Michael Bakwin. The police doesn’t know the name of the thief and details of the crime but it is known that the malefactor passed the pictures to Mardirosian who secretly kept them till 1988 and then placed to a Swiss bank.


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