Contrabandist Tried To Sell 10 Unique Vessels Of The 18 Century In Crimea

10 unique ancient vessels were exempted by Crimean security officers from a passenger of a train “Moscow-Simpheropol” during the special operation “Magistral”, carried out in Crimea by the security officers together with the frontier officers and customs officers. This was reported to the correspondent of RIA “Novosti” this Wednesday in the press-group of the General department of Security of Ukraine in Crimea. According to experts, the antique is dated by the 18 century and possesses high historical value. The contrabandist was carrying the vessels from Zaporozhskaya area to Crimea. The officers consider that the final destination of the criminal was far abroad, where he was going to sell the values. Currently, the specialists are determining the source through which the criminal acquired Scythian vessels.


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Items Of Antiquity Are Exported In Trucks Through "Ivangorod"

27 items of antiquity were found by the officers of Kingisepp customs during the examination of a Ford road freighter, which was trespassing the Russian-Estonian border at the international automobile check point “Ivangorod”.

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Rarity Automobile Stolen In Irkutsk

A unique car GAZ-A of 1934 was stolen from Anatoliy Sadchikov, a citizen of Irkutsk. According to ITAR-TASS in the 80-ies of the last century it was rode by Evgeniy Leonov, Edita Piekha, Sophia Rotaru and other stars of the stage, cinema and theatre. The old auto took part in movie shooting, various holidays and festivals. In these latter days the car was not used and remained in the garage. In the absence of the owners the criminals unlocked it and carried the auto in the unknown direction. Police and the State inspection of road security have started the investigation. “I was once offered a new “zhiguli” and my father was offered a “pobeda” for this GAZ. But we refused, it is dear to us as a familiy relic”, says the owner of the rarity.


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Fake Painting Of Malevich Stolen From A Moscow Flat

According to RIA “Novosti”, an unemployed citizen addressed this Thursday evening the Moscow department of inner affairs, saying that unknown thieves made a way to his flat and stole a painting of Kazimir Malevich “Suprematic Composition”.
Although later the investigators told the “Interfax” agency that the stolen painting doesn’t belong to the brush of Malevich. According to them, the stolen canvas is the copy of the famous painter’s work.
Besides, according to the radio “Moscow’s echo”, the unemployed citizen of the capital Vladislav Fleorov was arrested at the Flower boulevard with 6 diamonds and 20 emeralds.


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The Hermitage Received Money For "The Black Square" From Vladimir Potanin

The creditor committee of OJC “AB Incombank” decided to sell the painting “The black square” by Kazimir Malevich. The canvas is sold to the state for $1 million. The State Hermitage became the official representative of the state and the Ministry of culture in this deal.

According to unofficial information from the Ministry of culture, the funds for buying “The black square” (32 million roubles) were donated by the head of the holding group “Interros”, the sponsor of “Hermitage” Vladimir Potanin.


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MIA Is Searching For The Stolen Masterpieces

Russian Ministry of Inner Affairs is searching for about 40 thousand of stolen works of art, many of which are of “exceptional value”.

It was reported by the head of the General department of criminal search of MIA of Russia Vladimir Gordienko.

Gordienko underlined, that many thefts are made by organized criminal groups, often by the orders of art-dealers and collectors. According to information of the criminal search, often the orderers of such crimes are situated abroad, where the stolen masterpieces are shipped.


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Case Of Stealing The Painting Of Ayvazovskiy Transferred To The Court

Investigation authorities finished and transferred to the Oktyabrskiy federal court the criminal case of stealing the painting of Ivan Ayvazovskiy “Solar Eclipse” from the Russian geographical society.
The painting of Ivan Ayvazovskiy “Solar Eclipse” (canvas, oils) was stolen on the 19th of June last year from the building of Russian geographical society at Grivtsov lane, 10. The loss of the painting, which was cut out from the stretcher was discovered by an electrician about 12.40 am. The day before “Solar Eclipse” was at its place. This painting, dated by 1851 was presented to the Russian geographical society by Ivan Ayvazovskiy himself. By the balance cost the painting was estimated in 11 thousand roubles.
Mikhail Kuznetsov of 24 years old is committed for trial provided by the article 164, part 2 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation – stealing of extremely valuable items.
According to current information, the suspect was traced by the police of the 12th, so-called “antique” section of the City Department of Inner Affairs, only in a few weeks after the “Eclipse” was stolen.
It took the police much more time to gather the evidence, which could be enough for commit Kuznetsov for trial. Besides, there was a hope that the suspect would cooperate with the investigation and the painting could be returned.
However, according to the Agency of journalist investigations, Mikhail Kuznetsov put to use the provisions of article 51 of Constitution of Russian Federation and refused to give indications against himself.
“Solar Eclipse” is still being searched for. The police possesses information that the crime was committed by Kuznetsov together with his associates.
The case pertaining to the associates, including the organizer of this crime is allotted a special process.


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"Black" Archeologists Are Selling Obtained Artifacts

The area ministry of culture faced such a problem lately. The leading specialist of the ministry of culture Anatoliy Voytenko informed the “New Region” that the excavation works are constantly carried on the territory of the area, especially in the Northern territories. According to A.Voytenko, it was planned to publish an archeological map of the area. However, the idea was cancelled to keep the pushing lovers of ancient findings away from the places of the future or present excavations.
The specialist considers that the “black” archeologists carry excavations to sell obtained artifacts afterwards. The places of excavations also suffer from the work of such archeologists, because their “self-activity” often contravenes the scientific ways of excavating the historical antiquities. Seldom they manage to call such resellers to account. Even having the “black archeologists” found on the place of excavations, it is very difficult to prove the evil intent. The archeological findings are most often exported abroad or sold to private collectors in Russia.


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"The Black Square", "Incombank", The Hermitage And Others

Destiny of the painting “The black square” by Kazimir Malevich still remains undecided. This painting together with the others from collection of the broke “Incombank” was intended for the auction, held by the auction house “Helos” last Saturday. As it was already reported, the “pilotballoon” of “Helos” was made after the first auction of the less artistic part of the collection. The second “act” of the auction turned to be more impressive – three paintings of Malevich, including composition “The black square”, drawn by the painter in 1913, couldn’t leave the buyers indifferent. However, “The black square”, bought in the 90-ies by “Incombank” for 320 thousand dollars was removed from the auction as a part of cultural legacy and not pertaining to selling at the auction.


250 Icons Eluded Contraband

Workers of Petersburg FBI department in cooperation with the officers of the criminal search have recently finished a massive special operation. As a result, 250 valuable icons of the XVIII-XIX centuries were exempted from contrabandists, who were going to illegally export them abroad.
According to the press-service of FBI office, a cache containing 52 icons was discovered under a van of a train heading for one of the baltic states. Later, during searches in the flats of people, suspected in the organization of contraband 200 icons were exempted, packed and prepared for exporting abroad. For transportation convenience several icons were sawed apart.
After the conclusion of Petersburg TD of the Ministry of Culture of RF, the exempted icons represent cultural and historical value and don’t pertain to exportation. Investigation service of FBI office of Saint-Petersburg started a criminal case by the articles 30 and 188 (attempt of contraband). In the framework of this case one of the participants of criminal business was arrested – a former officer, who has been recently making business on icons.
The icons will be donated to museums and orthodox temples.


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