Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

You are addressed by Federal Surveillance Service for Compliance with the Law in Cultural Heritage Protection (Rosokhrankultura), authorized by the Russian Federation Government to search and restitution of stolen and illegally taken out Russian cultural values.

The ninetieth years of the last century were marked by the row of prominent thefts of archival documents. Criminal investigation were carried out on the thefts.

The number of the stolen documents is over 4000, including:
– The Emperor decrees of Alexander I, Nicholas I, Alexander II, Alexander III and Nikolas II to the organization rewarding different persons with orders and decorations (1801-1917 years);
– The Emperor rescripts and commands of Peter I, Catherine I, Peter II, Anna Ivanovna, Elizaveta Petrovna (1709-1762 years), Catherine II and Paul I to the Court department concerning payment, fatigue duty into the Palace, courters appointment (1700-1801 years);
– Peter I letters (1700-1721 years);
– Orders of I.Stalin, G.Jukov, M.Budenniy to the Soviet Army and military districts (1937-1947 years);
– Orders and minutes of the Revolutionary Military Board signed by L.Trockiy (1918-1927 years);
– Service correspondence (incoming and outgoing letters) of I.Stalin concerning both economic and military questions (1932-1953 years).

Last years a lot of stolen documents appeared in antiquarian market and were proposed for purchasing in many countries all over the world. Some of these documents even got into famous collections, but their possessors don`t know at all about their illegal way from Russia until the visit of official of law-enforcement services.

Rosokrankultura applies to all antiquarians and collectors of autographs. Do not be the thief accomplice selling and purchasing stolen documents. Be on the outlook! Check your collections.

Traces of stitching on the edge of lists and numeration angular as well as marks of inscription erasing and lists angles cut off confirm criminal derivation of documents.

To turn in the Russian Federation stolen documents and to set information about the legality of documents from Russia you may contact Rosokhrankultura.

Post address: 7, bldg 2, Kitaygorodskiy proezd, Moscow, Russian Federation, 109074.


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