Exhibition of Faberge’s works in India

On December 5, the National Museum in India, New Delhi opened the exhibition Faberge. Jewelry of the Russian Empire. In general the exhibition represents over 192 works by Charles Faberge’s jewelry house. Among them 53 objects are taken from the collection of Victor Vekselberg, the others – from a collection of the state Russian museums.

The exposition included famous Easter eggs as well as decorative figurines, enamels, and also a collection of semi-precious stones. All the objects are made by the masters of Faberge firm in different periods of time on order as presents.

On the boundary of the 19th–20th centuries Faberge’s works were widely spread as gifts at an imperial court yard, in noble and merchant families. The workshop made not only Easter eggs but also various jewelry, writing cases and figurines. Orders of the imperial family were realized by the leading masters of the firm such as Victor Aarno and Henrik Wigstrom. Perfect enamels of the last one were of especial popularity and were highly appreciated at court. Enamel from the collection of jewelry presented by Empress Maria Fedorovna to her sister Tira, the Duchess of Cumberland was exposed on the last Sotheby’s auction held in London on November, 24.

The exhibition named Faberge. Jewelry of the Russian Empire is dated to a visit of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in India. There is information that Faberge’s works are exhibited near to other celebrated jewelry collection – values of governors of the Indian Hyderabad.


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