Matisse from Pompidou Museum returned to lawful owners

H. Matiss. Landscape with Pink Wall. Oil on canvas. 1898. Fund of the medical organization Magen David Adom

Henri Matisse’s picture The Landscape with Pink Wall which in 1941 was withdrawn from German industrialist Harry Fuld (1879–1932) was returned to the owner’s heir-at-laws.

The Landscape with Pink Wall was nationalized by the government of Germany in 1937. Earlier it belonged to Harry Fuld who had inherited the canvas from his father. There is information that he bought it in 1914. When national socialists came to power and the start of persecutions on Jews Fuld emigrated to Great Britain having left the picture in Frankfurt on Main.

After the end of war Matisse’s canvas was found in a collection of former officer of SS Kurt Gershtein. On the basis of the customs press which specified that the picture was imported to Germany from France it was transferred to the French government.

Until recently The Pink Wall was stored in Pompidou Museum in Paris. The picture’s provenance was established during the research held by the German historian of arts Marina Blumberg. She also established that heir-at-law of Harry Fuld is the Israeli medical organization Magen David Adom.

The ceremonial transfer of the canvas took place on November 27, under the assistance of the minister of culture of France Christine Albanel who named the government’s gesture “the act of memory”.

The representatives of David’s Red Star informed that the picture will be exhibited in Jüdische Museum Berlin and then in the museum of Harry Fuld in Frankfurt am Main.

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