Flea Market Will be Opened in the centre of Moscow

On December 18 the 11th exhibition fair «Flea market» was opened in Moscow exhibition complex «Tishinka». The projet was started by the exhibition company «Expodium» in 2005. The exhibition is held three times a year and visited by thousands of people.

The last exhibition gathered more than a hundred of antique salons, galeries and private collectors from Russia, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Middle and South East Asia.

The fair stands out not only by its size but also by the special character of the exposition that is typical for all the flea markets. The idea of the exhibition is to transfer street sales under a roof – at that the organizers want to keep special aesthetics and characteristic features of flea markets. Here one could see and buy different objects that belong to different epoques – antique furniture, clothes, paintings, toys, utensils, excellent enamels, rare chinaware, ancient laceworks, bronze items, paintings of the 19th – 20th centuries etc.

Every year the exhibition presents a special collection that is distinguished for its content, history or the personality of a collector. This year visitors have an opportunity to see the unique collection «Old Moscow» of the famous Russian poet Robert Rozhdestvensky. Rozhdestvensky collected photos, pictures, engravings, lithographies and postcards for several decades.

The fair offers us a new vision of antique trade. The organizers want the exhibition to inherit the helm of the world largest flea markets – Clignancourt in Paris, Portobello in London etc. It is interesting that Tishinka has a rich history as antique traders and Moscow painters gathered there in 1980s.

The legend says that the first «flea market» appeared in 1860s when rag-and-bone men were chased out of the city to the Porte of Clignancourt. Parisians called the place where they set up their stalls «marche aux puces» («flea market») as the bottoms and backs of the chairs and old clothes were full of the insects.

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