Aged Lawyer Convicted of Possessing Stolen Paintings

P. Cezanne. Jug and Fruit. 1888−1890. Oil on canvas

Robert Mardirosian, a lawyer from Massachussetts has been found guilty of possessing stolen paintings by Paul Cezanne by a federal jury in Boston, USA.

In 1978 seven pictures by P. Cezanne were stolen from the house of the collector Michael Bakwin. The police doesn’t know the name of the thief and details of the crime but it is known that the malefactor passed the pictures to Mardirosian who secretly kept them till 1988 and then placed to a Swiss bank.

In 1999 he contacted Bakwin and offered to give back Cezanne’s «Jug and Fruit» in excharge for Bakwin turns over title for the other six paintings. Two months after getting the Cézanne back, Bakwin sold it for $29 300 000 through an auction by Sotheby’s of London.

In 2005, Mardirosian tried to sell four of the paintings through Sotheby’s, but Bakwin stopped the auction by suing in a London court. On the morrow of the investigation in 2007 Mardirosian was brought the charge.

The 74-year-old faces 10 years in prison.

The aged criminal is said to be doting.

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