Sotheby’s disappointed with a result of jewelry sales

Necklace. Pearl, diamonds, emerald. Lot sold for CHF 1 594 500. Sotheby’s. Magnificent Jewels. Geneva, November 19

Geneva – On November 19, Sotheby’s held the largest jewelry sales of this season. The auction catalogue included 371 lots many of which were unique, exclusively valuable works of jewelry art.

Sotheby’s do not hide the disappointment with the results of the sales. Almost half of represented lots were not sold; therefore the total result was essentially below the calculated sum. The sales totaled in over $15 800 000 that makes less than one third of result of similar auction in May.

The main top lot was not sold. It was a rare blue brilliant weighting 10.48 carats. The auction house planned to get for it at least CHF 6 720 000. The given stone is valuable not only in its size (one can find larger stones at sales) but in surprising colour and cleanliness which practically have no analogues.

The rare pearl necklace sold for CHF 1 594 500 was the most expensive lot of the auction. The necklace is made of large, ideally round natural pearl. Its clasp is decorated with a small emerald and set of small brilliants. The length of the work makes 480 mm.

The exquisite golden ring topped with a large brilliant weighting more than 8 carats was sold by auction for the same sum. The stone’s frame is executed from white and pink gold. The brilliant is drop-shaped.

Among the highlights is a diamond ring by JAR jewelry house. It is necessary to tell that ornaments of this mark are extremely rare and practically are not found at auctions. The founder and the main master of JAR House, Joel-Arthur Rosenthal is in the number of the most demanded jewelers of the present. The ornaments created by him are rare (it is considered that for the last 30 years he made no more than 1000 items). They are unique and made strictly to order. From the moment of establishing of the jeweler house in 1977 Rosenthal cloaked his business in mystery. JAR does not give advertising, has no departments and does not provide his works for secular events. It is considered that Rosenthal does not take orders without the recommendation of one of authorized representatives no matter how rich and high-ranked is his client. Exclusiveness of JAR’s works makes them of extremely great demand. The ring presented at the auctions was sold for CHF 1 202 500 having exceeded the estimate essentially.

Another interesting lot is impressing necklace from nine threads of perfect, ideally equal pearls. The clasp is decorated with 9 large and many small transparent brilliants. The lot was sold for CHF 1 142 500. It is less than the Harry Winston diamond ring sold for CHF 1 034 500.

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