Alexander Kravchuk’s gallery of children's portraits

б. Kravchuk. Alenka. 2005. Oil on canvas

On December 5, the House of Scientists at Dvortsovaya Embankment will open the exhibition of famous Petersburg portraitist Alexander Mikhaylovich Kravchuk. Visitors will have an opportunity to see 15 amazing children’s portraits, bright, emotional images reflecting all the depth of inner life of models.

The art of creation of classical portrait is of particular interest nowadays. “The more feelings the portraitist has for a model the more emotionally the artist’s palette the more profound characters to be created on a canvas. It is more vividly seen in the characters of children” – Alexander Kravchuk comments. The reference to a childhood theme in any epoch in any country is always emotionally intensified. The world of child’s soul is a special space. There were only few painters managed to create the portraits of children reflecting all the profoundness and inexhaustibility of this difficult nature. Child’s portrait in the history of painting is always a reflection of artist’s talent. The painter creates an image, and the original realism in painting means an indispensable reflection of inner world of a model. Versatile emotional colouring and profound psychological analysis are the distinctive features of portraits created by Alexander Kravchuk.

The artist was born in Leningrad in 1956, graduated the St.-Petersburg Academy of Arts. He restored and painted orthodox temples for 20 years. Alexander Kravchuk’s long career way to a portrait genre resulted in surprising discovery of a world of childhood.

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