New contribution to Sutherland's moneybox

Titian. Diana and Callisto. 1550–1562. Oil on canvas. 190,0 И 207,0. Scotland national Gallery, Edinburg

The British State Fund on preservation of cultural heritage (National Heritage Memorial Fund) allocated the emergency grant in £15 000 000 for the repayment of Titian’s masterpiece Diana and Actaeon. In this way all the chances of Great Britain to collect the required £50 000 000 in time became considerably above.

The picture is in the number of works of the legendary Bridgewater collection which belonged to one of the most influential and rich people of the country, Count Sutherland. In the end of summer the British billionaire announced of his decision to sell a part of works among which there were Titian’s two canvases − Diana and Acteaon and Diana and Callisto totaled in £300 000 000. Sutherland suggested the state to redeem both pictures for third of price if the first part of the sum will be sent to account till the end of this year. In the event that means are collected in time the state will receive as early as 4 years to find the second half of the sum. Otherwise both masterpieces will be put up for the open sales and possibly, will be exported abroad.

The grant given by Fund on preservation of cultural heritage became not only the largest one during the campaign on “Titian’s salvation” but also one of the most significant in the history of the state. “We have made what we should”, − the director of the fund Jenny Abramsky comments. “We have shown our participation and we hope that other people will act like this”, − she adds.

One of the first grants was provided by the charitable organization The Art Fund which allocated £1 000 000. Coordinators of the project plan to collect a part of the sum at the expense of private donations and the state grants.

At the present moment 27 works from the Bridgewater collection including Titian’s both canvases are in the collection of National gallery in Scotland, Edinburgh. In case if means will be collected and the transaction is over successfully the pictures will stay here for 21 year, and Diana and Actaeon will be given to London National Gallery.

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