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E. Munch. Girl by a window. Oil on canvas. Art Institute, Chicago

Edward Munch’s Museum in Oslo is holding the exhibition Munch becoming” Munch”. The exposition represents works of 1880s and also works created in 1890s when the artist was already famous.

The first part of the exhibition is devoted to early years of Munch’s work. He connected his life with art when he was 17 years old. Pictures of the beginning of 1880s – city landscapes of Christiania (from 1905 – Oslo), portraits of relatives and friends represent Munch as the talented master of colour and composition, brave experimenter searching for new forms, images and ideas. Some of his works were made under the influence of numerous foreign trips. Family and the state helped the artist traveled abroad for many times. In the end of 1880s he lived and worked in Paris where he was influence a lot by impressionists. Vincent van Gogh’s creative method found its progress in many following works by the Norwegian expressionist.

The second part of the exposition is a detailed reconstruction of a scandalous Munch’s retrospective show which took place in Berlin in 1892. Painting by the young Scandinavian artist caused a profound public resonance. The management of prestigious Verein Berliner Kunstler exhibition hall closed an exposition in two days of its work. This decision provoked a protest from outside the local art community and great scandal which reached Kaiser Wilhelm. The information on events in press made Edward Munch more famous than ten years of work in Norway. As a result, the scandalous exhibition went to grandiose tour – Cologne, Leipzig and Düsseldorf. Less than for a month Munch became one of the most famous artists in Germany. His works which frightened conservative public of Berlin were recognized as innovative and “breaking all the barriers of categories of art”.

The exhibition in Munch Museum includes more than 200 works and is the largest retrospective show of creativity of the master during the last years. Over half of works were provided by the state and private collections from every corner of the globe. Some of them were not exhibited for 50 years.

The exhibition Munch becoming “Munch” is opened till January 11, 2009

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