Chinese Classical Paintings collection to be sold in Hong Kong

Qiu Ying. Lotuses harvest. China. 16thC. Ink, watercolour on paper. Estimate HKD 12 000 000–15 000 000. Christie’s. Important Chinese Classical Paintings: Property of the Ping Y. Tai Foundation. Hong Kong, December 2

Christie’s auction house will hold the sales Important Chinese Classical Paintings: Property of the Ping Y. Tai Foundation. 103 lots are expected to be represented on December 2 and 3. All the works (traditional Chinese painting, graphic art and calligraphy) are taken from the collection of famous collector of the Asian art Zhun Qze Taja. His widow Ping Thaw sells the inheritance.

The majority of lots are pictures-rolls huafu or huajunan widely spread in 13th–14th centuries. Many of them combine painting, poetry and calligraphy. Also wanzhanhua style (“painting of the educated people”) was also popular in Middle Ages. Sophisticated hieroglyphs and poetry of verse not only supplemented and emphasized the basic plot and idea of picture but gave it special beauty and completeness in a combination with each other. This style which became the bright distinctive peculiarity of traditional Chinese painting is still popular in China and abroad.

One of such rolls Lotus Harvest by Chinese master Qiu Ying (1495–1552) is indisputable top lot of the auctions. Special value of this work is in a fact that it belonged to great Emperor Qjanlunu (1736–1796). The image is supplemented with several sheets of hieroglyphs. The lot is estimated at $HK 12 000 000-15 000 000. The second roll of Qju In is the Villa Khan Yun in Bamboo Grove. It is estimated at $HK 4 500 000-6 000 000.

Pear Trees in Mountains, an excellent painting by the master of genre art Tang Yin (1470–1523) is estimated at $HK 9 000 000-11 000 000. The classical Chinese landscape illustrating four small poems is made in exquisite graphic manner.

A roll The Hunting Procession of Zhon Ku by Yan Hui (late 13th – early 14th centuries) is one of the oldest lots at auction. The artist created a series of monochrome images of people and animals; traditionally the second and the third sheets are descriptions. The lot is estimated at $HK 7 500 000-8 500 000. The canvas Pleasure from Fishing by Sheng Mao (1313–1362) finishes the five top sales. The monochrome wall roll dated to 1347 will be put up for sale estimated at $HK 4 500 000-6 000 000.

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