Renoir’s picture found out in Italy

A. Renoir. Nude (?). Oil on canvas

Officers of the Italian police found out the August Renoir’s picture stolen in 1975. Moreover, one more work, misattributed as “a picture by Edward Manet” was also found out during the operation. The police also detained three persons supposed to be involved in this crime. Among them is 68-year-old art dealer Amadeus Setti and previously convicted Aniello Ambrozio from Campania.

Renoir’s canvas was stolen in 1975 from a restoration workshop in Milan. For the next thirty years it was kept in a bank storehouse in expectation of the illegal transaction. According to estimations of experts, the market cost of the picture on which the nude woman is represented makes $735 000.

The police managed to get on the tracks of the stolen work when it was at the independent Italian expert Vittorio Sgarbi employed by Amadeus Setti to confirm the authenticity and to estimate several works. Having suspected that something was wrong, Sgarbi contacted the police department on investigation of crimes in a sphere of cultural values turnover. Police in turn verified the received information with database.

Soon after the detention the Renoir’s picture was identified by the successor of the former owner of the work. The work will be transferred to the successor at once upon the termination of the investigatory action. The name of the third suspect and how he connects with a 30 year old crime and the details of the detection are not revealed. The exact name of the picture is not known also.

It is an interesting fact that the second canvas − a still-life attributed to Manet was a counterfeit. According to the experts opinion it is a picture of the 19th century. The Edward Manet’s signature and some statements of certification were added later. The false canvas will be confiscated and, most likely, placed in the Museum of counterfeits in Salerno.

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