Budapest museum to return Greece the monuments of antique art

Pheidies and Pheidies’ circle. Fragment of Parthenon bas-relief. Greece. 5thC B.C. Marble. British Museum, London

The Hungarian Ministry of Culture made a decision to return Greece 22 objects of ancient art bought by the Budapest Museum some years ago. This decision was a result of proactive campaign of the Greek government directed on repatriation of some monuments of national culture and art which were exported illegally at different periods of time.

For the last few years there were made some achievements. The private collector from Basel donated Greece the valuable statue of Apollo. The fragment of a tombstone and a bronze vessel were returned from the American collection. In 2006 the government of the country reached an important agreement with Paul Getty Museum according to which the last one was obliged to return two more valuable exhibits on their historical native land: tombstone stela of warrior Ataniy and a marble relief with the image of Demetre and Persephone. Notably, the Paul Getty fund has one of the largest in the USA collection of antique art. The major part of this collection according to management of the museum was purchased in 1950s at “black” dealers.

Nowadays the main purpose of the Ministry of Culture of Greece is to return relieves and statues of Parthenon which were exported to Great Britain in early 19th century and since then being exhibited in the halls of the British Museum.

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