The pictures of Leonardo will be demonstrated for the first time in USA

L. da Vinci. The angel. The model of the first version of the painting «Madonna in the rocks». About 1483−1485. A paper, a pencil. The Royal Library, Turin

In the Birmingham museum (Alabama) there will be opened the first exhibition of the Leonardo da Vinci’s pictures from the collection of the Royal Library (Biblioteca Reale) in Turin. Here we can see one of the most famous albums of Leonardo «The code of birds’ flight» and also 11 pictures which were never exhibited out of Italy.

In the exposition there represented pictures and drawings, painted by chalk and written in coloured ink during the period from 1480 up to 1510. Many of them have notes, drawings and explanations. The unique relics give the opportunity to touch the creation of one of the greatest artists, thinkers and scientists in the history.

«They [paintings] have an enormous artistic and culturally-historical meaning. We consider it an honour that our museum is the first one in the country where this marvelous legacy is represented, – the director of the Birmingham museum Gail Andrews says. – We are deeply grateful to the Royal Library and the fund of culture and art of Italy for this exceptional opportunity».

The central place in the exposition there has the angel’s model of the first version of the painting «Madonna in the rocks» (1483−1494) made for the alter of the church San Francesco Grande in Milan. Ingenious techniques combined with marvelous expression don’t stop delight the art-critics, who acknowledge this picture to be the most beautiful in the world.

L. da Vinci. The old man. A paper, an Indian ink. The gallery Uffizi, Florence

The series of sheets dated 1505−1506 years contains several sketches of different paintings, first of all the «Battle at Angiar». The sheet was made just before the beginning of working on the fresco in the hall of a Big Council Palacco della Senoria in Florence. The unfinished fresco was lost in the middle of the 16th century. It is considered that it hidden behind another fresco, painted by Georgio Vazary about 50 years later. These sheets reflect the creative method of Leonardo, sometimes called «thinking on the paper»: the figures of fighting warriors turn into the searching of the human anatomy, structure of a head and an eye. Just near it there are several sketches of structure of horse’s body a lot of written notes and even extract from the poem.

Among the exhibition’s works the most interesting one is the «Codice sul volo degli uccelli» « The code of birds’ flight », containing a series of researches about the flight of birds and ability of people to do the same, besides there are many comments about sliding, balance and the wind’s energy. Actually this album is one of the earliest researches in the history of aerodynamics.

The Birmingham museum will conduct simultaneously a series of symposiums and seminars, dedicated to the life and creation of Leonardo, the culture of the Italian Renaissance and the history of Turin.

The exhibition will take place up to the 9th of November and then on the 19th of November will be opened at the Museum of the fine arts in San Francisco.

Birmingham Museum of Art
2000 Eighth Avenue North
Birmingham, Alabama 35203
Tel.: +1 205 254 2565

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