Buchelatty. The art is out of time

A. Buchelatty. The cupola-shaped ring with opal. 2001

In the Uspenskaya bell-tower of the Moscow Kremlin there was opened the exhibition «Buchelatty. The art is out of time», devoted to creation of famous Italian skilled craftsmen of golden and silver crafts Mario Buchelatty (1891–1965) and his son Janmaria. The exposition of the exhibition reflects artistic phenomena of Milan’s jewelers, which demonstrate a high quality of manual skills and a special aesthetics of the works.

The roots of the Buchelatty’s family go back to the 18th century when Contardo Buchelatty opened his own workshop in Milan in the street of Jewelers. After the First World War a «modern» founder of the Buchelatty’s business became Mario Buchelatty, opened a shop under the name of him. One of the secrets of success of Mario Buchelatty’s enterprise was his ability to realize in laboratory all steps of making jewels. The Buchelatty’s works are unique. Every detail is thought out and made in them.

The art of Italian Renaissance was the main pattern and source of inspiration for Buchelatty. Besides the artist derived the ideas in architectural themes of 15th 16th centuries – volutes, spirals, stripes, geometrical pictures and mosaic. Mario Buchelatty was inspired by oriental art which was in fashion at the age of Ar deco when the artist became famous all over the world. Based on Renaissance mentality and skill he practically restored old techniques of 14th-16th centuries. The «Lace» jewels and brilliant engraving is the Buchelatty’s visiting card. The special technique, worked out by Mario Buchelatty which is typical for his works and also for contemporary works of the company « Buchelatty » consists in processing jewel metals by so called mosaic method.

Keeping the family traditions his son Janmaria Buchelatty during 65 years has been holding sacred and carrying on his father’s business. The jewels, made by Janmaria testify to his great interest in jewelry technique of the Renaissance, enriched by the influence of the French style rococo of the 18th century, one of the most favourite epochs of the designer.

J. Buchelatty. The brooch «Bee». 2005

There are more than 150 works of the father and the son presented at the exhibition, among which there are jewelry, cigarette-cases, woman’s bags, goblets, carved cups of hand-made stone and many other articles. Today they decorate private and museum collections of Milan, Florence, Smithson institute and other places. Silver articles and other products designed by Mario Buchelatty are fascinating; in their style there obviously is the influence of European art of 15th-16th centuries, modern and ar deco. For example, silver goblets of the ancient Rome, found at the one of the Boscoreal villas in Campania, became a pattern for Mario Buchelatty when he made «Eights goblets of Boscoreale» (1920-1926).

Things made by Janmaria Buchelatty are also recognizable without mistake. The artist makes many works according to different types art techniques. The necklace with big diamond roses made in 1992 in accordance with classic aesthetics of Buchelatty can be related to them. The master treats respectfully to the material, tries to understand the «nature» of jewel.

The appeal to the nature as to the model naturally led the master to the work with forms and themes, taken directly from the animal and vegetable kingdoms. In the animalistic style Janmaria Buchelatty works from the middle of 1960. The plasticity of animals and birds is treated lively and naturally in the master’s silver sculptures. For Moscow Kremlin the retrospective of Mario and Janmaria Buchelatty is one more project within the workframe of program, represented to the Moscow public the greatest European jewelers and the houses of jewelry of the 20th century.

The exhibition will be opened up to the 10th of 2009 .

The state historically – cultural museum – reserve «Moscow Kremlin»
Moscow, Kremlin, the museums of the Moscow Kremlin

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