Rare stamps at the auction Bruun Rasmussen

The stamps. Denmark. 1851-1951. The lot is sold for € 7250. Bruun Rasmussen. Stamps. Copenhagen, the 11th of October

The largest collection of stamps and postcards was sold by the philatelic auction at the Danish auction house Bruun Rasmussen on the 11th of October. Contrary to the established custom a leading auctioneer of Denmark conducted the auction not online, but at the form of confrontation and exhibited for sale 729 interesting lots – the sets and goods sold by the piece. The absolute top lot was the set of 23 Danish marks, produced at the period from 1851 till 1951. Some of them dated 1851 were the first stamps in the history of the Kingdom; hence they are of great collection value. They all have a nominal price 4 shillings, what affirmed by the abbreviation R. B. S. (Rigsbank Skilling), and canceled with a distinct round stamp. These valuable and rare monochrome stamps were well preserved and were sold with an essential exceeding of estimate. Estimated at € 3350 they were sold by the auction for € 7250.

The set of Danish marks of 1854, 1990 brought to the auction lesser sum though it had higher estimate. The most part of them are not canceled many of them have water marks. The total cost of the lot is € 7100.

A similar collection was sold by the auction Bruun Rasmussen for € 6300, showing the biggest rise of estimate which was only € 1000. Despite the previous lot there prevail Danish marks belonged to the beginning and the first half of the 20th century. A lot of them are in blocks and were never used properly. The older samples dated 1860, 1890 have cancels.

It is interesting to mention three rare Iceland marks of 1930 which have a nominal price 1, 2 and 10 crowns. Being rare such representatives are of exceptional collection interest. This causes a high estimate – € 2700 for only three stamps. The total cost of the lot was € 4150.

It is necessary to mention the unique collection of stamps of the «dirizhabelnaya» and the «ceppelinnaya» post. The entire excellently designed collection spreads almost the whole period of postal and passenger aerostatics. The earliest German samples dated 1908. The late samples dated 1930. There are presented the stamps of USA, England, Germany, Sweden, and even USSR. They all are sticked in a special album with notes and additional illustrations. The total cost of this lot is € 2600. It must be said that the stamps of the «» post differ from usual stamps. They were published in special editions and were canceled by the particular stamps. Collecting such materials is a special branch of philately.

One more lot of the section «The whole world» – the set of Swedish, English, French and German stamps were sold by the auction for € 2600 doubling the estimate. The time scope of presented stamps is large enough, however mostly they date from the first quarter of the 20th century.

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