Cristie’s starts November with wine

The set of 10 bottles Chateau Petrus. 1990. Estimate $ 30000-40000. Cristie’s. Fine and Rare Wine. Beverly Hills, the first of November

Cristie’s will open November public sale with two large wine auctions Fine and Rare Wine. The first one will take place on the first of November in Beverly Hills, and the second one a day later in Amsterdam. The both catalogues include the best collection samples of wines, mostly – French. Altogether Cristie’s will exhibit for sale more than 2000 lots.

The main top lot of the American auction will be 10 bottles of the famous Chateau Petrus of 1990, acknowledged as the most famous and expensive wine not only in Pomrole, but in all France. By its level it corresponds to the first category Grand Cru and always gets the highest marks of the critics. The estimate of 10 bottles of the perfect 19-years old wine is $30000-40000.

10 bottles of the Chateau Petrus of the 1995 year’s harvest, which so as 1990 is supposed to be one of the best years of the last quarter of the 20 century estimated much cheaper $13000-18000.

The value of this vintage is lower, however according to the experts’ opinion this wine had already approached its optimal maturity.

The lot consisted of 8 bottles of Californian the Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon of 1997 takes the second place in the catalogue. The estimate of this lot is $ 18000-24000. It should be noticed that American wine is very popular, but exclusively in America. The best vintages the Screaming Eagle are awarded here the highest marks and there is a great demand for these wines. Nevertheless in Europe The Californian wine turns up rather seldom and is thought to be not enough attractive by its taste quality so as by its price.

Finishing speaking about three leaders it must be mentioned 8 bottles of old, mature Chateau Lafite-Rothschild of the 1982 year’s harvest. A perfect claret, it is just as good as its main competitor – Chateau Petrus and they both are in a ten of the best wines of France. It is interesting that the first mentions of Lafite are dated from the 17 century, and in 1855 it became one of the first sorts, awarded the level «excellent» according to the classification of Robert Parker. Preliminary price of this lot is $ 16000-24000.

The auction in Amsterdam, which is planed to be on the 2 of November, will be much simpler. Te highest estimate is € 4200-5000 – that is a price that was established by the Cristie’s experts for the 12 bottles of Chateau Petrus of 1973. It should be noticed that a case of younger wine of this sort is valued at American auction much higher. There are several explanations for it. The harvest of 1973 though it older, is supposed to be less successful, than the above-mentioned vintages of 1990 and 1995. From the other hand so substantial gap is explained by the whole line of market factors. First of all the transportation and storage of wine entail great difficulties, such as maintenance of appropriate dampness and temperature. Besides in the USA there functions more strict legislation of importation and realization of alcoholic products. At last the European market is attended by high competition that affects pricing.

The following lot 12 bottles of Chateau Petrus of 1974 will be exhibited at the auction with the estimate like that of the wine of 1973. The set of 12 bottles of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild of 1987 is estimated much cheaper € 1800-2400. The rest lots don’t exceed € 1000.

Beverly Hills, 360 North Camden Drive

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