Baton of the Croatian marshal to be the top lot in Munich

Roman helmet. 1stC B.C. – 1stC AD. Iron. Estimate €35 000. Hermann Historica. 56 Auktion. Munich, October 9

Munich – On October 6 – 11, Hermann Historica will hold large auctions devoted to the antiquarian weapon, ammunition and military items. Experts of the auction house prepared a large collection comprising 2500 lots. The catalogue of the auctions includes 6 large sections, including The Antiquarian Weapon, European Blades and Objects of German History. The gem of the auction is Axel Guttmann’s collection of antique weapon and armour and objects from the collection of Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna (we wrote about it in one of our recent reviews).

Hermann Historica will represent some valuable, exclusively rare items of ancient small arms. Among them is the German falcon dated to 1619. The two-meter cast barrel of the arm is placed on the mobile oak mounting equipped with the primitive mechanism of pointing. The arm is on sale with an original leather bucket, a fuse and ten lead balls. The unique object of military history is estimate at €12 000. However the J. Fanzoj Ferlach magnificent hunting double-barreled gun is to be the main lot of the section of small arms. The lot is estimated at €23 000. The unique in its own way gun is richly finished with carving, engraving and gilding. The bolt mechanism is covered with silver plates with images of scenes of hunting and exotic animals. The real highlight of the catalogue of cold arms is the magnificent foil belonging to Duke Coignet Mari François Henri de Franketo (1737−1821), ober-stallmaster of Louis XVI. The sward made by the unknown master in 1780 is the model ceremonial weapon. Long two-edged blade is decorated with dark blue enamel. The refined iron handle is decorated with gilding and patterns. Taking into account a high historical value the lot is estimated at €15 000.

Greek-Italian armour. Iron. Estimate €25 000. Hermann Historica. 56 Auktion. Munich, October 9

The gilt French sword dated to 1780 is estimated at €12 000. Its blade is of extraordinary quality. Most likely, it was made for one of the members of French royal court. Its surface is covered with dark blue enamel on all length with golden heraldic lilies. The pointlike gilt handle is decorated with refined miniatures with images of battle scenes and soldiers. On October 8, Hermann Historica will expose on the auctions 72 objects of antique weapon, armour and ornaments from Axel Guttmann’s collection. The helmet of the Roman legionary created in the 1st century B.C. – 1st century AD is of the highest estimate. The antique ammunition in bad safety is extremely rare, therefore the helmet will be exposed on auctions estimated at €35 000. Another interesting lot − the collection of bronze Greek-Italian armour will be put up for sales estimated at €25 000.

The next day the collectors will have an opportunity to see a large collection of antiquarian weapon and attributes comprising hunting trophies, Asian and medieval weapon, and also different objects of applied art anyhow connected with military subject. It is this section to represent the main top lot of the auction – a marshal’s baton Slavko Kvaternik (1878−1947), the political and military figure, who was at the head of Croatia for many years. The baton executed in a form of the Croatian Sjekirica battle axe is decorated with carving, enamel and gilding. The metal handle represents the engraved dedication of the leader of the state A. Pavelich: Hrvatskom Vojskovodji S. Kvaterniku − 13 Aprija 1941 − Poglavnik A. Pavelic. The lot is estimated at €45 000.

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