Underwater archeologists raised a sword from the bottom of Baltic

A sword of the Swedish naval officer was raised by the Memory of Baltic underwater archaeological expedition during the inspections of the Zemira Swedish frigate which sank in the Vyborg gulf in the 18th century. This magnificent item of cold arms is expected to be transferred for the restoration to a museum. Only the handle and sheath are remained.

The hull lies on the bottom of 26−27 metres on a straight keel and it is in a ground approximately on 3−3,5 metres and focused in the area of уъ 350 degrees – South-East 170 degrees. The boards trimmed with copper plates of 1,6 И of 1,6 sq. metres, rose over a ground as much as possible on 1,8 metres. It gives a reason to consider that the whole bottom part of the hull up to a waterline or a little above it is saved.

Notably, the Zemira frigate blew up and sank during the sea battle at the Vyborg’s coast in 1790, 11 days prior to the end of war between Russia and Sweden.

In summer of this year the underwater archeologists managed to reveal a treasure of copper coins and two bronze guns, and for a year before, in 2007, − fourteen cast-iron guns. All the items are of a historical value. They were raised from a bottom and sent to the Vyborg museum.

The Vyborg sea battle took place on June, 22, 1790 near Paasluota. Admiral Chichagov informed in his report on this battle: “On June 22 at 7 a.m. the Swedish ship fleet at a northeast wind began to up-anchor having all the rowing flotilla in a line behind itself then believing that the enemy will direct on me, prepared for the battle, but after as it is mentioned it directs on the Vyborg waterway where there was our group from five ships at one bombardier under command of a rear admiral Povalishyn.

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