Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts exposes masterpieces of expressionism

C. Schmidt-Rottluff. Self-portrait. Oil on canvas. 1910. The National Gallery, Berlin

On September 6, the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts opened a new season with a unique exhibition named German Expressionists − Artists of the Der Brucke Art Group. The exposition consists of 131 pictorial and graphic works by the artists of the celebrated Der Brucke art group. It makes this exhibition the largest one in some way. All the works are from the collection of the Berlin Brucke Museum. For today it has the largest collection of German Expressionism.

The Der Brucke Art Association originated in 1905 in Dresden by four students-architects: Ernst Ludwig Kirhner, Fritz Bleil, Erich Heckel and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. The name Der Brucke offered by Schmidt-Rottluff should express the desire for the integration of new art trends, otherwise − to symbolize “the bridge to future art”. A year later, some new artists, including Emil Nolde, Max Pechshtein and Kees van Dongen jointed the group.

Following the principles of avant guard the artists strived to find new current artistic methods. Following fauvists who presented their vision of the world on the Parisian Autumn salon expressionists rejected the chiaroscuro and the correct treatment of space. The artists were in search of new, aggressive images, tried to express alarm, inner discomfort with a help of artistic devices. They paid special attention to colour which, according to philosophy of a new trend was of bright symbolical meaning and could bring certain emotions.

For the first time the exhibition announced by the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts presented the Russian audience all the outstanding works of the German Expressionism from the collection of the Brucke Berlin museum founded in 1964 at the initiative of the artist Charles Schmidt-Rottluff. Now the museum has the largest collection of pictures, water colours, drawings and prints by the leading masters of German Expressionism including Ernst Ludwig Kirhner, August Macke, Erich Heckel, Emil Nolde and Max Pechstein.

The exhibition is opened till November, 2.

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