Patek Philippe establishes new records

Patek Philippe 3448. 1962–1982. Gold. Estimate CHF 1 300 000–2 000 000. Sotheby’s. Important Watches. Geneva, November 16

Geneva – On November 16, one of the largest auction sales of watches at Sotheby’s will represented more than 200 magnificent mechanisms, including antiquarian models dated to the 17th – early 20th centuries. The auction catalogue includes models of such manufacturers as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Breguet, Audemars Piguet, IWC and Vacheron Constantin.

Sotheby’s Genevian sales are the second one in this year. The first auction which took place on May, 11 became, in every respect, the record one and showed that Switzerland is not only the leading world manufacturer of exclusive watches but also one of the key consumer markets. Alexander Barter, the Head of the Sotheby’s watches department said: “On the peak of success of May auction which results became the highest for all the history of the sales of watches in Geneva, we are glad to offer a new, larger collection of magnificent mechanisms”.

The unique “3448” model by the Swiss Patek Philippe Company is to be the absolute top lot of the auction. The elegant gold watch “3448” was being made in 1962 – 1982 as the Patek’s top model. “Perpetual” calendar with the indicator of a ap-year was the main difference of this mechanism. Today this option is invariable attribute of any exclusive model; however, in 1960-1970 it was exclusive Patek Philippe’s feature. One more important difference of “3448” is the absence of the indicator of phases of the moon, but the characteristic black half moon is invariable attribute of the majority of models of the manufacturer. The lot is estimated at CHF 1 300 000 – 2 000 000. Notably, the top lot of the May sales at Sotheby’s was the antiquarian chronometer Patek Philippe created in the end of 1920. It was sold by auction for CHF 2 345 000.

Patek Philippe 2499. 1951. Pink gold. Estimate CHF 1 200 000–1 800 000. Sotheby’s. Important Watches. Geneva, November 16

The more traditional Patek Philippe “2499” made in the case from pink gold will be put up for the auction sales with an estimate of CHF 1 200 000 – 1 800 000.The model “2499” of 1951 is equipped with the indicator of phases of the moon, “perpetual” calendar and an additional stopwatch. This model which was being made during the period of 1950 – 1985 is one of the most widespread Patek’s mechanisms. However, some samples created on the boundary of 1950 –1951, have the case made of pink gold. The main competitor of the famous Swiss manufacturer, the English Rolex firm also will be presented at the auctions with a number of interesting models. Elegant steel watch Rolex Daytona Paul Newman, of 1960 will be put up for sales estimated at CHF 60 000 – 80 000 while the famous “naval” Submariner which is an essential part of any Important Watches auction was estimated at CHF 50 000 70 000. Notably, by right this mechanism is considered one of the most recognizable and needed models of the male watches in the whole world.

The unique pocket watch dated 1630 is another interesting lot. It is remarkable for its golden enamel case made by the masters of Blois, France. It is a well-known fact that in the middle of the 17th century only the artists of this city had a secret of an enamel miniature. The similar watches, the mechanisms of which were made by the English masters were very expensive and were considered the best gift among the representatives of the European aristocracy. Decorated with a flower ornament, these watches will be put up for sales estimated at CHF 60 000 – 80 000.

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