Igor Vulokh. Painting. Graphic art

On October, 10 – 31 the Art4.ru Museum of contemporary art will held the exhibition Igor Vulokh. Painting. Graphic Art dated to the 70th anniversary of the artist.

The exhibition which Igor Vulokh is holding in the Art4.ru first private museum of contemporary art is dated to the artist’s jubilee. He is 70 years old in 2008. This is the largest exposition by the outstanding artist. It is far from any mainstream, – whether it is usual so-called “artfund” painting and graphic works (that is, that the members of the Artists’ Union made their works under orders of art fund for interior decoration of recreation centres et cetera), or ordinary avant gard protest art of nonconformists.

The exhibition represents works of almost all periods of Vulokh’s work including the earliest works of the early 1950s, the golden age of the artist’s work– the period of 1960s – 1970s. Some works are from the famous “white period”.
The exposition comprises more than 120 master’s works, – from the collection of the artist’s family, from the collection of the Art4.ru Museum and other private collections. Many works will be exhibited for the first time.

Igor Vulokh tells: “Misunderstanding made me famous. I have different opinions concerning my generation and I do not take into account any labels awarded by press or other judges. Abstract artists, “men of sixties”, nonconformists, – all these labels are relative. Sometimes more remote epochs are familiar to me and the so-called avant-guard on the contrary has little in common. So, the generally accepted categories are of no crucial importance form me”.

The exhibition will be opened till October, 31.

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