“Mauritiuses” exposed in Prague

Prague – In the middle of September the halls of the Central Expocentre of the Czech capital launched the exhibition of philately. It is one of the largest forums of collectors in the post socialist countries of the Central Europe.

The exhibition is significant in the representation of the world famous philatelic collection of the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II. The collection of her majesty was delivered by the keeper Michael Sefi. This collection includes the most expensive in the world stamp – Blue Mauritius, insured for almost $100 000 000. The stamp Blue Mauritius was exposed together with another “ordinary” stamp – Pink Mauritius estimate at $10 000 000.

Pink Mauritius and Blue Mauritius is the philatelic name of the first Mauritius stamps made on September, 20, 1847, with the profile of Queen Victoria (1819–1901). Mauritiuses are one of the rarest stamps in the world and the most expensive. According to some information one item can reach $15 000 000 at auctions.

Two components estimate Mauritiuses’ value: first of all, it is the first stamps of the British Empire which were made out of the center of the country; moreover, they are made with an error – hence, these marks are even more valuable and rare, than if they were issued in a proper way.
The participants of the exhibition can sell, buy or just exchange objects from their collections – as it usually happens at such events.

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