French harpsichord to head the auction of musical instruments

G. Dedeban. Harpsichord. Paris. 1770. Estimate £100 000–150 000. Sotheby’s. Musician Instruments. London, October 7

London – On October 7, Sotheby’s will held the Musicial Instruments auction sales which represents all the spectrum of antiquarian musical instruments dated to the 17th–20th centuries. The auction house will put up 150 lots, the majority of which are bow instruments.

The magnificent baroque harpsichord created in France in 1770 is to be the top lot. This instrument is the unique work by the Parisian master Jean Marie Dedeban (1770–1791) which reached our time. The owner of the instrument at the period of late 18th – 19th century is unknown. The provenance of the harpsichord was established only since 1901 when it was purchased by the American millionaire William Andrews Clark (1856–1925) in Paris. After Clark’s death in 1925 all the exhibits of his collection were transferred to the Corcoran Gallery Museum where they were kept until recently. Instrument’s surfaces are decorated with fanciful floral pattern on a blue background and also with images of cherubs, exotic birds and musical instruments. This harpsichord is estimated at £100 000-150 000.

The four following lots are valuable bow instruments created in the 18th century by the masters of the famous Italian Gagliano dynasty. The first of them is a violoncello by Gennaro Gagliano (approx. 1740–1780) in excellent safety. It is estimated at £70 000-100 000. The violin by the celebrated master is estimated at £50 000-70 000.

One more violin by another representative of Gagliano dynasty – Nicola Gagliano, (1740–1780) is of the same estimate. His instruments have a deep pure sound and are highly appreciated by the musicians. From the point of view of collecting, Nikolo Gagliano’s violins are estimated much more cheaply, than Gvarneri’s instruments and, especially, the Stradivari’s ones that is in many respects is because many copies are saved.

Another highlight is exquisite violin created in 1783 by the masters of younger generation of the family, brothers Antonio and Giuseppe Gagliano (approx. 1770–1805). The instrument is decorated with marquetry. The lot is estimated at £40 000-60 000.

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