V. Luppian's analytical art at On Lenivka gallery

V. Luppian. The Revolution as a Stage of Evolution. Oil on canvas. 1929 – 1961. The private collection

Moscow – On September 25, the first autumn exhibition of On Lenivka gallery will take place in Moscow. It will represent to public works by famous Russian avant-gardist Vladimir Luppian. He is known as the great Filonov’s pupil. His painting of 1930 will be exposed. These works are especially interesting in combination of the experience of development of the newest West European painting, and experiments of the Russian innovators – Pavel Filonov’s organic school and Suprematic sketches from nature.

Vladimir Luppian was born in Velikie Luki. In 1922 he arrived in Petrograd and entered the Academy of Arts. During his study in the Academy the artist was a member of Masters of Analytical Art (нбA) Association. It influenced his work a lot. Since 1925 Luppian took part in joint exhibitions of the association where, in particular, exposed the famous work “Imperialism”. He was the Filonov’s first pupil. He was among the most talented representatives of the Leningrad avant-guard of 1930. As well as the majority of followers of the analytical method Vladimir Luppian was devoted to fundamentals of the new art, keeping its language and history. After the нбA Association splited up he headed the design brigade of the Leningrad Museum of History (now the State Museum of History of St.-Petersburg). Filonov’s other pupils including V.A.Sulimo-Samujllo and E.A. Tenisman entered it also.

The artist had lived a long life having endured blockade and reprisals. After five years after his death in 1983, the Russian Museum organized Pavel Filonov’s first big exhibition having returned him and his followers to the history of the Russian and world art.

The Vladimir Luppian (1892-1983). Painting exhibition will be held on September, 25 – November, 1.

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