Jean Cocteau's drawing and letters of the French kings at Piasa sales

J. Cocteau. Drawing with a gift inscription. 1943. Pencil on paper. Estimate €2500–3000. Letters and Manuscripts Autographs. Piasa. Paris, October 14

Paris – On October, 14 the Piasa French house will hold the sales Letters and Manuscripts Autographs. The auction will represent 530 manuscripts, letters and autographs of the great and just famous people of the past: French kings, politicians, writers, scientists.

The gift portrait by the famous French writer, the artist and director Jean Cocteau (1889–1963) is to be the Piasa’s top lot. Small drawing in pencil is dated 1943. It has the gift inscription Cocteau’s to some Maurice: à mon cher Maurice avec ma première grande joie depuis bien longtemps! J. The sketch is estimated at €2500–3000.

The following lot estimated at €2000–2500 is a letter of French King Charles IX (1550–1574). It was written on May, 15, 1573 in Fontainebleau. The letter was addressed to a younger brother of the monarch, Duke Anjou Henry III Valua who was at the Polish throne at that time. Charles IX writes about the internal political problems and asks his brother to take part in external negotiations. The letter was written one year prior to a death of the monarch whose governing was marked with the infamous massacre of St. Bartholomew.

The author of the following letter reached us from the epoch of the Middle Ages is the French King Charles VI le Fol (1368–1422), the Charles’s IX old ancestor. The official message to the Duke of Burgundy was written on January, 1st, 1387 and signed by the king, and also some Gene. The last was most likely among the members of the so-called “marmusets”, the loyal representatives of court party who influenced the insane minor monarch a lot. Actually they governed the country. Generally the letter concerns the issues of recruiting and financing of French armies. The lot is estimated at €2000–2500.

Extremely rare letter of Duke d’Enghien Louis-Antoine-Henri de Bourbon-Condé (1772–1804) will be put up for sales estimated at €1200–1500. It was addressed to Count L. Marance, the English patron of a disgraced family. The letter was written on February, 15, 1798 in Switzerland where the duke, the last of Conde lived in emigration. The French revolution forced him together with his father and grandfather to emigrate at first to Belgium, then to Switzerland. From 1792 Louis-Antoine-Henri de Bourbon-Condé joined the battle with royalist army against revolutionary France. Later he settled down in Ettenheim, where he lived on pension received from the English government. In this letter the young duke asked about the destiny of his father who continued to take part in battles at that time.

In the end of the top five of Piasa auction is another valuable manuscript by the famous French writer, critic and poet Henri Gheon (1875–1944). It is dated to 1897. There are over 15 Gheon’s early poems in the 46- pages manuscript of the first edition. The lot is estimated at €1200–1500.

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