Italian museums experience staff reduction

Silvio Berluskoni

At the height of the economic crisis which involved almost all the European countries, the Italian government made a series of budgetary reductions this summer. The cultural sphere of the country suffered most of all. Its budget is cut down more than in $1 300 000.

The new economic policy of the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi affected theatres, archives and libraries most of all, that is those cultural institutions which depend on the government financing originally. Many museums face the necessity of numerous staff reductions as there is only money for domestic needs.

Strict restrictions of EU, concerning the budgeted deficit, and also the public debt impede the Italian government to support the cultural field which according to the results of all reductions received only 0,28 percent of expenses. The new budget is calculated for three next years at least.

Financial crisis caused a new series of disputes on the necessity of the private capital formation in a cultural field. The Minister of Culture of Italy Sandro Bondi informed on his plans to appoint new administrators who will elaborate the assets’ potential. He also promised to extend the part of the private capital in the institutions of culture and art. Meanwhile the legislation of Italy does not provide any system of encouragement of sponsor’s support of cultural establishments, for example, tax privileges which works successfully in the United States. Today this is a sharp question. In the conditions of the new state budget the sponsor’s support of private persons is the only possible way out from this situation. But it is unknown how the ministry of culture is going to involve private capitals.

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