Honecker’s and Milke’s weapon claims for “the auction of a year”

Walther P38 army pistol. Germany. Early 1930s

Germany, Erfurt – On October 25, the sale of personal weapon of GDR’s heads and politicians will take place. The sales will represent 31 units of small arms, including pistols and the hunting rifles cost more €500 000. Many experts think that auction cost of the collection can exceed €1 000 000 if, of course, the collection is not be redeemed before the beginning of the sales.

The major part of the collection consists of the weapon which belonged to the chief of secret police of GDR Erich Milke, the passionate collector. Among highlights is the pistol of Walther system. Milke used it during the historical firing with the police participating in dispersal of the communistic demonstration in 1931 in Berlin. The unique collection of Christian Bernut from Erfurt includes personal weapon of the GDR’s leader Erich Honecker, the Secretary of party Walter Ulbrecht and a member of Political bureau Gunter Mittaga. The most part of guns and pistols was made in early 20th century. It certainly makes the collection more valuable. The considerable part of exhibits is made by small-arms factories of the USSR. “All the objects are exclusive, many of them are decorated with a skilful carving”, − Christian Bernut tells proudly.

Two decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Communistic regime, the GDR’s heritage continues to involve collectors from all over the world. The influential German Bild newspaper has already named the forthcoming auctions “the auction of a year”. However the present owners of the collection prefer to sell it entirely. If the buyer is found till October, 25, the auction will not take place at all.

As the representative of the auction house Rene-Andre Dittrich announced the weapon of the GDR’s leaders interested Russian collectors a lot. Among claimants to this collection is the name of the billionaire Roman Abramovich famous for his passion for art in general and the collecting weapon in particular.

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