Heritage of the French court to be sold by auction in Paris

Brooch-monogram. Diamonds. Late 19thC. Estimate €3000–4000. Christie’s. Succession de feus Monseigneur le Comte de Paris et Madame la Comtesse de Paris. Paris, October 14

Christie’s press-service announced the unusual auction Succession de feus Monseigneur le Comte de Paris et Madame la Comtesse de Paris which will be held in Paris on October, 14. The sales will represent more than 600 objects from the collection of Count Parisian Henry VI (1908−1999) and his wife, Countesses Isabella of Orleans and Brogans.

Top lots include items of interior from the Parisian residence of the pair and also unique family relics of the great dynasty of French kings: painting, personal things, jewelry, many of which are connected with the names of Luis – Phillip, Maria-Antoinette, Louis XVII and other members of the Orleans family. One of the most interesting lots is the purse embroidered by the Queen Maria-Antoinette during her imprisonment at Cite Island. Shortly before the execution, she gave the purse to the dauphin’s governess who in turn gave it to the queen’s daughter Maria Teresa the French as the last reminder of the dead mother.

Another interesting lot is connected with the name of the Maria-Antoinette’s son, the successor of the French throne Louis XVII. The medallion with a miniature on which the young dauphin is represented in imprisonment will be put up for sales estimated at €6000–8000. The inner side of the medallion’s cover has an inscription, dated to December, 24, 1794: Cher par son objet, cher par celui qui le traca, il est pour moi, un gage de souvenir et de tendresse (“It is valuable as an object, valuable by its founder, it is the symbol of memoirs and tenderness for me”).

Among other objects worth mentioning which belonged to the members of the royal family is the Luis – Philip’s razor in the black morocco case estimated at €150–200, and a lock of hair of King Louis XVI in a nacreous casket estimated at €2000–3000.

Among the most important objects of historical value is the Luis-Philip’s ink pen. On February, 24, 1848 he signed the demise with it. The pen will be put up for the auction sales as a double lot together with the personal letter of the king. The lot is estimated at €300–500.

Christie’s separate string is the family jewelry of the imperial family, including Maria-Amelia Burbon-Sicily’s four bracelets (estimate: €8000-10 000) decorated with 24 miniatures by one of the most famous miniature artists of the 19th century François Mere (1800–1887).

Besides, the auction sales will represent the unique works of painting among which is a sketch of a famous portrait of Parisian Count in his childhood by Franz Xavier Winterhalter (1805–1873). The top lot is estimated at €80 000-120 000. In 1830s Winterhalter made some portraits of the members of royal family, many of which are in the Versailles’s collection nowadays.

Another highlight is the portrait of the Countess Parisian Isabella. It was created in 1950s by the celebrated Brazilian artist Candido Portinari (1903–1962). The portrait will be put up for sales estimated at €20 000-40 000.

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