British Museum to reconstitute the interior of Nebamun’s Tomb

Fresco from the Nebamun’s Tomb. Ancient Egypt. Circa 1350 B.C. The British Museum

This winter the British Museum will open a new gallery of Ancient Egypt which will be organized on the third floor near to the halls of the funeral archeology. The unique frescos from the tomb of the Ancient Egyptian official Nebamun who died in approximately 1350 B.C. are to be the key element of the exposition. These excellent objects of the Ancient Egyptian art tell the story of the noble’s life: his every day life, work, rest, hunting. In late 1990s ten huge frescos were sent to the complex restoration for the first time. The process of restoration took 10 years.

The British Museum purchased the frescos of the Nebamun’s Tomb in 1820s. They became the part of the permanent exposition embellishing the collection of the Egyptian art. Throughout almost two centuries these magnificent, both in their medium and in their safety images were the object of admiration and serious scientific researches of the greatest Egyptologists of the world. The unique in its scale restoration work held by the experts of the British Museum allowed to keep the unique painting by the unknown artist named in one of researches “the antique Michelangelo”.

The curators of the museum elaborated an absolutely new exhibition concept, according to which frescos will be exhibited according to their original arrangement in the Tomb of Nebamun. It will give the images the artistic entity and will create the atmosphere of special aesthetic impact. For the first time for many years the British Museum will expose a complete series of frescos, including the last fragment being kept in the collection of the Egyptian Museum in Berlin. The exposition will be also accompanied with a detailed multimedia model of Nebamun’s Tomb which will give the visitors a unique opportunity to see majestic interiors of the ancient construction.

Along with frescos the new gallery will display over 150 Ancient Egyptian artifacts among which are works of art and numerous household.

The exposition gives an opportunity to see the bright contrast between reality and fantastic, majestic world reflected in the images which reached up to now. The excellent glass bottle of perfume executed in the form of fish is exposed here near to a coarse fishing net which is the live evidence of difficult every day life of common Egyptians who were far from luxury and riches of priests and Pharaohs. It gives an idea that we have the information about Ancient Egypt mostly concerning the closed circle of ruling classes while the life and history of the lower class of the Ancient Egyptian society was left in the shade of the history.

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