Sisley in the National gallery

б. Sisley. Storr’s Rock, Lady’s Harbour, Evening. 1897. Oil on canvas. The Wales National Museum

On November, 12 the London National gallery will open the exhibition of works by the celebrated impressionist Alfred Sisley. The curators of the gallery in cooperation with the Wales National Museum will represent two series of the “English landscapes” by the artist for the first time.

Alfred Sisley (1839–1899) was born in Paris in a family of the British businessman. Despite the fact that almost the whole his life the artist spent in France he felt the Englishman and remained him till the very death. Meanwhile he created only two series of landscapes with views of England: in 1874 and in 1897.

The first, early series of pictures by Sisley are made under a strong influence of C. Coro’s work and the young French impressionists including the landscapes created in outskirts of London shortly before the infamous exhibition of 1874. The general colour scheme and the idiom show Sisley as the impressionist but the impressionist who is contemplating. His pictures had never turned to etudes of light, Sisley’s colour keeps its intensity and a landscape is of object clarity. The artist also had never strived to the expression and unusual effects, he used simple composition and a plain colour scheme.

The second series of works is the coastal landscapes made by the artist in Wales shortly before his death. Last decade of his life and creativity he spent in the homeland. It was a difficult period for Sisley: financial need, misunderstanding. During this period painting of the artist becomes more light, natural motives lose any romantic pathetics.

Landscapes of London and Wales are not just the “next” artist’s works but his career major highlights, the moments of the highest creative and spirit growth. For the first time exposed together, they give the chance to trace all the career of the great impressionist, no less than all evolution of his art.

The exhibition will be opened till February, 15, 2009.

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