Rossvyazokhrankultura is missing 50 000 museum values

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs published the first results of the check of the state museums which was started in autumn of 2006. According to the results of the check of 80 % of collections 50 000 units of cultural values are absent. Certainly, not all the exhibits were stolen. Experts believe that the major part was lost at transportation or transferred to other museums without proper papers. The reason is poor realization of the registration and the description of the museum values. According to the statistics only the fortieth item has photos in descriptions. The descriptions often consist of one word. In this connection searches of an exhibit in case of its theft and the following art examination in case of its revealing is essentially complicated.

Large-scale check which is to be over by the end of the current year will check up funds and expositions of more than 2000 state museums. For today there are only few of them which has no looses. The Tretyakov Gallery is an exception which has all the exhibits on their places. At the same time the check of a seven-million Hermitage collection lasts two years and its results are not so encouraging.

Large-scale check of the museums begun two years ago after revealing of the fact of robbery of 221 objects from the fund of the Russian jewelry of the State Hermitage. The stolen works were estimated at $5 000 000. In spite of the fact that some exhibits were returned, the rest part is considered to be lost forever. Till now we don’t know how many (among 50 000 lost objects) from the Russian museums were stolen. The values proved to have been stolen are being enlisted now in search base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In total, the base has already contained over 60 000 objects of antiques stolen for the last 18 years including over 40 000 icons, 3500 canvases, 1600 rare books and 326 unique jewels. Nowadays the check of the remained 20 % of the museum collections is being realized. The result should be given in the beginning of the next year. Considering a percentage ratio it is possible to assume that the total number of the lost values can reach 60 000 units.

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