Work of art is broken in Great Britain

T. Fernandez. Maids of Honour Christina, Panteya, Zenobiya, Semiramis and Zhenevera. 2006

Serious incident has occurred in the past week-end at the exhibition of the modern art being held in the Royal Academy of Great Britain. Losing the balance one of the visitors leant the elbows on a three-meter ceramic sculpture. As a result it tilted and fallen on a stone floor having broken into many splinters. The destroyed work by Costa-Rican artists Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez was one of the five ceramic totems of the Maids of Honour Christina, Panteya, Zenobiya, Semiramis and Jeneviera sculptural composition. The composition named “an exhibition highlight” by the curator Tracey Emin was nominated for Charles Wallstoune’s prestigious award granted by the Royal Academy for the most outstanding works of art. However, this time the winner of ₤ 25 000 became the American Jeff Koons who impressed the British jury with a new “inflatable” composition named the Broken Egg.

Anyhow, today only four among five “maids of honour” are left.

The artist of the destroyed work and the museum staff refused to comment on an event somehow.

Notably, the similar accident happened in January, 2006 in Cambridge Museum of Fine Art of (Fitzwilliam museum). Then one of the visitors having stumbled overturned a 45-kilogramme Chinese vase of the Qing Dynasty. Although 113 of its parts were stuck together professionally the ancient relics lost its primordial form and at the same time its value.

As the majority of commentators mark comparing these two incidents the sculpture broken in the Royal Academy seems not such a big loss.

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