The British Museum is forbidden to expand

The British Museum

Representatives of the London Committee on Preservation of Cultural Heritage expressed their discontent concerning the project of construction of the new building of the British Museum. From their point of view the exhibition centre which should be attached to the main building from the northwest part will cause a serious damage to the unique architectural ensemble of the 19th century and will make harm to the prospects of the historical territory of the London Bloomsbury.

The British Museum is one of the most popular cultural objects of London. Last year more than six millions people visited it. In connection with a serious shortage of the exhibition areas the management of the museum decided to construct a new building in 183 000 square foots. The project of the building developed by the architect Richard Rogers provides the construction of a series of pavilions which should be located on a place of the office buildings of the British Library.

According to the representatives of the Bloomsbury Committee on Preservation of Cultural Heritage this project can cause a serious harm to the classical construction and at the same time change the prospects of the central area of London. The destiny of the separate architectural components of the museum including Edward’s Gallery VII and a marble staircase from the outside of the prospective building cause especial anxiety. As the chairman of the committee John Martin Robinson said: «the construction will cause a serious harm to the historical area in general and to nearby buildings in particular».

Nowadays the project of the second building of the British Museum the construction of which is estimated at $258 000 000 is at a stage of ratification. The museum management plans to open the new exhibition centre by 2011.

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