Scientists revealed a secret of the Van Gogh’s Patch of Grass

The image got during the research of the V. van Gogh’s Patch of Grass

The group of the scientists from Belgium and the Netherlands having studied Vincent Van Gogh’s picture Patch of Grass, 1887 made the unusual discovery. Having studied the canvas by means of a source of synchrotron emanation they determined that the artist made his picture over another work.

For 121 years the portrait of the peasant was hidden under a layer of later painting. It is supposed that the artist created this work in the early period of his work, even before moving to France where he was influenced with impressionism. As the researchers mark the celebrated image is very close to the style of the famous picture Eaters of Potatoes, 1885 made in the Dutch city Nuenen.

The fact that Patch of Grass conceals another work has already been known for a long time. However the researches with beams of the usual x-ray device allowed receiving only rough contours of the image.

The first who saw the unknown work by the great postimpressionist were scientists from Delft and Antwerp universities who applied to the canvas research the new technology based on the use of synchrotron emanation and fluorescent spectroscopy. Having subjected the Van Gogh’s picture to an intensive x-ray irradiation they managed to create the three-dimensional scheme of the distribution of pigments on the canvas. The further analysis allowed to determine not only outlines of the person but also to reproduce it in all details. According to the Dutch critic Joris Dick the research of 14 square centimeters of the canvas took more than two days. Researchers believe that the third part of the pictures by Vincent van Gogh can conceal the work unknown to the whole world. Having money problems the ingenious artist created works over the old ones quite often.

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