World history on a reverse

Coin. Rome. 115–117. Gold. Estimate CHF 75 000. Tkalec AG. Auction September. Zurich, September 7

Tkalec AG, one of the largest numismatic auction houses of the world will held the next online auction the results of which will be sum up in the evening on September, 7. The auction catalogue includes 978 lots − coins from all countries and of all periods: Etruscan, Greek, Byzantine, coins of the European Middle Ages, the Russian Empire and the Weimar Republic.

Ten top10 lots are the unique sets including a collection of nine Roman golden coins dated to 115–117. Coins’ reverse each of which weighting 7,27 gr. is decorated with a profile of Empress Matidiya (70−129), niece of the Roman ruler Trajan. The figure of the empress surrounded with the inscription PIETAS AVGVST is also represented on a reverse of denarii. The lot is estimated at CHF 75 000.

The most expensive coin of the auction is the Italian scudo with a face value of 4 lyres coined in 1741. Extremely rare coin which was coined in Bologna in the period of the reign of the Pope Benedict XIV (1740−1758) is in a very good condition. The lot is estimated at CHF 60 000.

The Ancient Greek coin with a face value of 10 drachmas is estimated at less CHF 55 000. It was coined in Syracuse in 405 – 400 B.C. Obverse represents the whole plot: the combat chariot, goddess Nike flying over it, a helmet and an armour. The reverse is decorated with a profile of Tsarina Arifuze I among dolphins. Ancient Greek dekadrahm is rare enough. In such good condition it is of indisputable value.

The golden Italian coin of the period of reign of the Pope Innokentij XI (1676−1689) is estimated at CHF 30 000. One more coin of such kind of the 16th century is represented in the catalogue with the estimate of CHF 25 000.

The Russian coin with a face value of 6 roubles coined in 1831 is of the same estimate. Weighting 20,70 gr. the coin has the image of a two-headed eagle and an inscription «6 ТХВМЕК ОБ УЕТЕВТП. 1831. у.р.в /6 roubles for silver. 1831. S.P.B.» made on a reverse.

The golden Venetian coin minted in 1576 is on the seventh place in the list of top lots. In 1576 Venice suffered from the epidemic of plague. This event is depicted on both sides of the coin: the obverse has the image of a doge kneeling to the Savior sitting on a throne; the reverse represents the church of the Savior constructed in 1576 on Giudecca Island by request of the Senate. The church was made by architect A. Palladio. The lot is estimated at CHF 22 000.

Another interesting lot is the collection of golden Roman coins of 282−283. Coins are decorated with the images of the god of war Mars. The set is estimated at CHF 20 000.

In conclusion it is necessary to mention one of the oldest coins of the auction. It is silver Ancient Greek tetradrahm coined in 350−300 BC. It is estimated at CHF 20 000. This coin has the image of Tsarina Persephone I, a chariot and a flying goddess Nike. It was very popular among Carthaginians who lived in Sicily and the Northern Africa.

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