Oriental “Transformation” of Dashi Namdakov

D. Namdakov. Tiger Cub. 2004. Gold, diamond, sapphires

This autumn for the first time the Dom of Nashchokina Moscow gallery will represent a jewelry collection of the celebrated Russian artist, the sculptor and jeweller Dashi Namdakov. The exhibition will be held from September, 25 till November, 15. The exposition of the exhibition named Transformation includes the outstanding works by the jewelry combining the newest trends and old traditions of the oriental smith-darhanovs. Today Dashi Namdakov’s work is known all over the world. Within the last decade more than 15 personal exhibitions of the artist in New York, Beijing and Moscow were organized. The native of Siberia Dashi is popular both in Europe and on the American continent. His works including jewels are of great interest everywhere as their exotic form has a secret of the ancient craft, almost magic code of the most ancient oriental knowledge transferred through generations. It is the genetic memory and skills of a “dialogue” with metals and fire of the old ancestors of the artist, great Siberian smiths.

Dashi’s work reflects peculiarities of the modern art of Siberia in which the European and to the eastern tradition are closely connected. The master combines in its stylistics the elements of the Russian Art Nuevo style with traditions of eastern cultures − Mongolian and Chinese. Buddhism trends intertwine here with pagan ideas of the native people of the East. The artist excitedly develops an animalistic theme in sculpture, graphic works and is especially sophisticated − in jewelry. The master plays with textures of metals and stones, he is artistically perfect in knowledge of all shades of gold and silver, precious and semiprecious stones. It is necessary to note a variety of materials with which the author works, it is really unique. Along with bronze, silver, gold and copper, Dashi uses traditional for the Buryats wood, skin, a tusk of mammoth and horsehair. The jeweller collection is decorated with sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds. Their combinations with different shades of gold make the artist’s palette improbably rich. The master’s work is full of sensation of life, ecstasy, his works are not subordinated to canons, more likely they are apart from them and varying with freedom of creativity are vanguard at the advanced level.

Today Dashi’s works are included into the collections of the leading museums of Russia, Europe and the countries of the Near East. Besides, they embellish the private collections of the largest collectors of the world and heads of the states, including the ex-president of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin, the mayor of Moscow J.M. Luzhkov and the former head of the Chukotsky Autonomous Region R.A. Abramovich.

In 2003 Dashi was awarded with a silver medal of the Russian Academy of Arts for the works represented at the personal exhibitions in Moscow. In 2007 the artist became the winner of the Nika national cinema award for work on a film Mongol for which he worked in a role of the creative director and the art director.

The exhibition will be opened till November, 15.

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