Masterpiece of the Japanese art is found out in Greece

The Greek Museum of the History of Asia located on Corfu island has the unique work of the Japanese art of the end of the 18th century. Such conclusion was made by a group of the Japanese art critics who found out a rare picture by the famous Japanese master Tosusai Saraku in the exposition of the museum.

The results of the research realized in July by the professor of Gakusuin T. Kobayasi University showed that the authorship of the small picture made on a fan dated 1795 was obvious. Saraku depicted two popular Kabuki actors on a theatrical scene.

According to the Japanese critics this is the first work devoted to such subject by the artist which got up to nowadays.

Tosusai Saraku is famous as the outstanding master of the Japanese engraving Ukiyo-e that means «images of the changeable world».

Tosusai Saraku is popular owing to his engravings which are real masterpieces, however his pictures are almost unknown. The “find” from the Greek museum is important. It allowed also tracing some details of the biography of the master whose personality is still a secret for historians.

Today the name of Tosusai Saraku is known all over the world. Moreover, many researchers put it in one line with Rembrandt and Velasquez. It is paradoxical but the artist is practically forgotten in the homeland, in Japan. Only in the end of the 19th century his work was opened for the western art critics. Saraku’s graphics and pictures are extremely rare. They are a big luck for collectors. Their price is estimated in six-figures at auctions. Works by the master are included into the largest collections of the world: they are in the British Museum and in the Art Museum in Chicago, in the New York Metropolitan. 27 lithographs by Saraku on which actors are represented are being kept in the Tokyo National Museum and are national heritage.

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