Expressionale festival: the art of new objectivity

E. Nolde. Sunflowers

In the early August, Berlin- Kunst in einer neuen dimension − under such motto annual Expressionale art festival started. Paying a tribute to the bright art movement of the period of the Weimar republic organizers of the festival represented expressionism as art, culture and outlook, the expressionism in all its variety.

Works by the German classics of expressionism, artists of the Bridge Association such as E.-L. Kirchner, E. Heckel and O. Muller became the highlights of the exposition. We can judge about work of these artists, singers of “bohemian Berlin”, a city of luxury, vice and decadence on the world famous works reflecting the atmosphere of a holiday and disturbing anxiety of the outset of war in the capital. Moreover, the exhibition represents pictures by the masters of Neue Sachlichkeit including G.Gross’ and Dix’s canvases famous for their furious expression and ruthless realism. It is necessary to mention that the major part of the works of German avant-guard of the first half of 20th century is from the world famous collection of Karsch-Nierendorf.

Together with classics of genre the festival features works by the modern artists-expressionists such as Louise Christine Thiele, Rolf Haendler and M. Cantor. There is the original time parallel in which the basic idea of festival is concentrated that is to show that the expressionism is alive instead of being the past.

The most striking in Expressionale is the 30-painting Eroticism series by the scandalous German painter George Grosz. Grosz is famous as merciless umasker of the German society, its morality and political system. In 1920s the artist took an active part in life of Berlin Dadaists. Since 1932 he had lived in emigration in the USA.

It is interesting that many works represented at the festival are on sale. Certainly, it does not concerns “museum” masterpieces by E.-L. Kirchner and Dix, however one can buy graphic by these artists. In Expressionale shop there are drawings, lithograph and watercolors by E. Heckel, O.Dix, O. Kokoshka, L.Corinth and many other artists.

Expressionale festival will last in Berlin till August, 24.

Berlin, Joachimstraße ¾

Tel.: +49(030) 288 84965

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