Harry Burton − the photographer of Pharaohs

On September, 14 the Museum of Art in Dallas will launch the exhibition Harry Burton’s Photos. The exposition will represent more than 40 unique works made by Howard Carter, the celebrated archeologist and the press photographer during the Egyptian expedition and excavations of the Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922.

The whole life and the career of the glorified English press photographer Harry Burton (1879–1940) were devoted to the Egyptian Valley of tsars. At the beginning of the archaeological boom in the early 20th century mysterious territory in a valley of Nile drew attention of archeologists from every corner of the globe. Different expeditions tried to open secrets of the tombs of Pharaohs and all of them were with Harry Burton observing through the lens of the camera grandiose historical discoveries.

Till 1914 the photographer worked in a group of the American archeologist Theodore M. Davis who become famous for a series of excavation in the Valley of tsars. Then Burton participated in the Egyptian expedition of the Metropolitan Museum and in 1922 he made more than 1700 unique photos which embodied the process of excavation of the Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Barton became world famous when on February, 23, 1923 the Times newspaper published his 142 photos at once.

The exhibition Harry Burton Photographs will be opened from September, 14 till May, 17, 2009.

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