Bonhams gains height

Spitfire MK XVI. 1945. Collectors' Motor Cars and Aircraft. Bonhams & Goodman. New Zealand, September 14, 2008

On September, 14 the sales Bonhams & Goodman Collectors’ Motor Cars and Aircraft will took place in New Zealand. The “Aircraft” is not occasional: the legendary fighter of Second World War Spitfire MK XVI will become the top lot for this time. The sale comes in the 90th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Air Force of Great Britain.

The Spitfire is the ultimate WWII fighter aircraft and its battles with the Messerschmitt 109s during the war combined with its easily recognisable wing shape and distinctive engine note earned it a legendary status.

It is believed that there are around 44 airworthy Spitfires surviving to this day although a number of air museums have examples on static display.

Tim Goodman, Chairman of Bonhams and Goodman, comments: “We are greatly honoured to be asked to sell such a distinguished and historic aircraft which played such a great role in the history of Great Britain”.

Spitfire RAF Serial No.TE 330 was constructed at the Castle Bromwich works in late April 1945. After the war it was in celebrated reconstruction of the 1957 Battle of Britain Memorial flight before being donated to the United States Air Force (USAF). It was in the BBC academy in Colorado Springs for 20 years until around 1997 when the Aircraft found its way to New Zealand via the Hong Kong based businessman James Slade. After two years James Slade sold it to the present owner who has continued to restore the aircraft to its current near complete condition

Rarely do original Spitfires surface on to the open market. “We were very excited to have discovered this important aircraft in New Zealand,” enthuses Robert Glover, National Head of Collectors’ Motor Cars at Bonhams & Goodman. “Whilst we are more used to selling cars, aircraft design and motor car design are inextricably linked, indeed a large number of aircraft collectors are also motor car collectors”.

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