Stepan Pisakhov Museum

On May 30, the unique museum of the artist and storyteller Stepan Pisahov was opened in Archangelsk. Museum association «Art Culture of Russian North» provided a new museum with a building-monument of architecture of the end of the XIX century. It is the first museum in Archangelsk devoted to life and creativity of one of famous persons of the North region. The main idea of the museum is to show life and works by Stepan Pisakhov. Eight museum halls display more than 150 pictures, documents and personal things of the artist, the museum objects rendering the atmosphere of time.

Stepan Pisakhov (1879−1960) is the artist, storyteller, traveler, researcher, publicist, teacher and ethnographer. He was called the historical sight of Archangelsk. Pisakhov is famous as a storyteller. As the writer Fyodor Abramov, his compatriot told Stepan Pisakhov was one of the greatest storytellers of the world. His fairy tales are full of flashing folksy humour and imagination. Pisakhov’s talent as of the landscape painter revealed in the depiction of Russian northern country with its white nights, pines at coast of White Sea. His life and works are inseparable from the history and life of the Russian North, Archangelsk of late иIи – ии centuries.

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