Edwards created a sarcophagus of popular American TV presenter

D. Edwards. Sarcophagus of Oprah. Copper. 2008

Scandalous sculptor Daniel Edwards has presented half of the model of his work Sarcophagus of Oprah.

The figure made of bronze is the nude woman. Edwards devoted his work to popular American TV presenter Oprah Winfrey. The irony of a new work consists in voluptuous forms of the sculpture while in reality Oprah Winfrey is for diets and weight loss.

The sculpture was shown to public in the end of April in Gardenfresh Gallery in Chicago.

According to Edwards, in his creation of the new bronze sculpture he was inspired with the recent bill for funeral of Oprah’s retriever. In his opinion, the sarcophagus can become a symbol of new fashion to bury pets sumptuously. The Chicago gallery informed that it is not going to expose Edwards’s new work to public in the nearest future.

Daniel Edwards has gained scandalous popularity owing to such works, as Death of Prince Harry, representing the son of the successor of the British throne in the uniform of the lost soldier, Britney Spears Giving Birth and Dead Paris Hilton. In 2006 Edward presented to public a sculpture of Hillary Clinton representing the candidate on a post of the US President with the naked breast.

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