Awarding ceremony for the best Russian museum projects

On June 4, awarding ceremony was held for winners of the contest «Varying Museum in the Varying World» in the Tretyakov gallery. The contest was held by Vladimir Potanin Charitable Fund, Ministry of Culture and Association of Managers of Culture. In 2008 grant fund totaled 15,4 million roubles. The maximum grant in 700 thousand roubles is in the event press release.

Twenty five innovative and socially significant projects won in seven nominations («Author’s», «Museum and New Educational Programs», «Museum and Tourism Technologies», «Museum Researches», «Partner Museum Projects», «Socially Oriented Museum Projects», «Technologies of Museum Exposition»). In total, 303 applications from 57 regions of the country were sent.

Nomination «Museum Researches» collected the majority of all winners: 5 projects are supported. This nomination remained «the mystery». However, nowadays museums again began to examine their collections. For the first time professional projects directed for work with people (nomination «Socially Oriented Museum Projects») were presented. Twenty five percents of winners for four years took part in new «Author’s» nominations made for winners of previous years.

The majority of applications reached the final is from the museums of Moscow oblast: 4 projects are supported. In comparison with previous years the number of projects-winners presented by museums of the South of Russia increased: 4 applications are supported.

Best realized concepts of last years were also announced at the awarding ceremony: «Paleovillage» by «Nakhodka»/Find Museum Exhibition Center (Primorsky Region), «Fairy Show of Light» by Egorevsky Art Historical Museum (Moscow oblast) and «Park for one day» «Chemist Recreation Centre» (Moscow oblast).

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