Russian ancient books are more expensive than European one at Sotheby’s

S. Stroganov and F. Solntsev. Antiquities of the Russian State. Moscow. 1849–1853. Estimate £50 000–70 000. Continental and Russian Books and Manuscripts. Sotheby’s. London, July 8

On July 8 – Sotheby’s will hold the auction sales named Continental and Russian Books and Manuscripts in London. The auctions will represent 111 European and Russian books and manuscripts.

Antiquities of the Russian State by Sergey Stroganov and Feodor Solntsev is of the highest estimate (£50 000-70 000). The edition consists of six volumes in Russian and French. It is lack of some pages and one title-page in French.

Giacomo da Vignols’ Principle of Five Orders of Architecture is estimated at £40 000-60 000.This book is the first edition by Giacomo da Vignol in Russia who made a real revolution in the Russian town-planning technique. Principle of Five Orders of Architecture (1709) is extremely rare edition. There are only seven copies in the world.

Zakhariy Orfelin’s History of Great Deals of Great Emperor Peter the Great.

is the top lot. The book is estimated at £40 000-50 000. This book edition was financed by Empress Catherine the Great. In the year of publication she erected the monument to Peter the Great in St.-Petersburg. Pushkin is supposed to have used the book material while writing his poem The Copper Horseman. The edition of the Orfelin’s book includes maps and pictures of Venice.

Among other interesting lots is the European edition Views of Rome by Giovanni Piranezi. The pictures of the Italian capital and its outskirts are interesting from the point of view of studying of classical architecture.

Works by Piranezi were always appreciated by collectors as they express creative imagination and the highest art skill.

Among other top lots is Abstruse Book by A. Kruchenikh and R. Yakobson. The book continues a series of experiments with language made by A. Kruchenikh. The original cover of Abstruse Book testifies that Russian futurists were the first to study semantics of language and visual forms. The lot is estimated at £20 000-30 000.

Another highlight is A.S. Pushkin’s Evgeny Onegin. This edition is of 1833 which cost 12 rbl. at that period of time.

Poems by Vladimir Nabokov is of the same estimate (£15 000-20 000). This is the last book published in Russia before emigration of his family to Europe on the eve of the October Revolution. Many copies were destroyed by censors.

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